CEO Search Committee Announcement

Friday, March 29, 2019


FROM: Jeffrey A. Stuerman

Grand High Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

TO: The Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha

On behalf of the Grand High Zeta, I am pleased to announce that our Board has appointed a CEO Search Committee and has authorized engaging an executive search firm to assist in the recruitment and selection of Lambda Chi Alpha’s next CEO.  As announced previously, our current CEO, Bill Farkas, will be retiring later this summer following his successful and impactful tenure at the helm.

For over a century, Lambda Chi Alpha has been transforming lives through our values-based programming.  We have the opportunity to build upon our solid foundation and elevate our brotherhood to become a premiere service learning and leadership development program.  Lambda Chi Alpha seeks a visionary, strategic leader, who has demonstratively transformed organizations to achieve societal outcomes while blazing new trails to enrich lives. This skilled executive will have the courage to challenge the status-quo, the passion to help men become the best possible versions of themselves, and possess the strong desire to collaborate with multiple constituencies to forge durable strategic partnerships.  Lambda Chi Alpha seeks to serve more men and communities, doubling to 20,000 collegiate brothers over the next decade.  We need the right leader to get us there!  And we need your help to identify the right candidates.

To date the following steps in the process have been taken:

  1. Search Committee: We have appointed an experienced, talented and broad search committee to lead the process and screen potential candidates. The committee is chaired by Phil Parker, CAE, CCE (Florida Atlantic, 1973). Brother Parker is President and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and a former member Grand High Zeta. The committee membership brings a diverse array of experience, perspective and talent that will be invaluable to the search process. All demonstrate high achievement in their fields and extraordinary commitment and service to Lambda Chi Alpha, including leadership in higher education, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Their fraternal backgrounds include small and large chapters at public and private colleges and universities, service to local chapters and the international organization, former Student Advisory Committee members and past IHQ staffers. We can be proud of the professional and fraternal perspectives these men will bring to the search process. The committee membership includes:

Dr. James Abbott (South Dakota, 1970)

Ted Grossnickle (Wabash, 1973)

Abe Hester (North Texas, 2018)

David Huffine (North Carolina-Greensboro, 1984)

Bryce Murray (San Diego, 2007)

Steve Pattison (Florida State, 1979)

Dr. Scott Reikofski (Northern Colorado, 1981)

Jeff Stuerman (Culver-Stockton, 1982)

Paul Troy (Lehigh, 1987)

In addition, two committee advisors will support the process:

Lynn Chipperfield (Drury, 1973)

Wayne Mitchell (Southern Methodist, 1967)

Please join me in thanking these dedicated brothers for their willingness to serve Lambda Chi Alpha in this very important capacity.

  1. Search Counsel: Columns Fundraising (www.columnsfundraising.com), a 20-person firm from Atlanta, Georgia, has been retained to conduct this national search. Columns has worked with not-for-profits and associations across the country and has a unique experience in the Greek world – three of their partners have served as past staff members and CEOs within their respective fraternities/fraternal foundations and continue working with fraternities and sororities at the national and local level.  It is important to emphasize that their breadth of experience is not only in the Greek world, as they also work in higher education, healthcare, independent schools, faith-based organizations, and social service organizations.  The team at Columns has already started developing the organizational profile and position description and will soon be identifying appropriate candidates.  Our team leader from Columns is Mark Wilkison, Principal & Partner of the firm.  Most recently, Mark and team assisted the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation with the recruitment and selection of its new President & CEO, Dan Hartmann (Truman State, 2007).  In short, they know Lambda Chi Alpha and are well-suited for this major assignment.
  2. Search News and Communication: Keeping our brotherhood fully informed about the status of the search in a transparent manner while preserving candidate confidentiality is an utmost priority. Accordingly, a dedicated landing page on the Lambda Chi Alpha website (lambdachi.org/ceo-search) has been created in order to provide everyone with the most updated information concerning the search.  Links on this dedicated page include the Search Committee Charge, the Search Committee roster including professional bios for each committee member, and a link for prospective candidates to reach out directly to the Columns teams with questions and/or submit their application for consideration.  From this page you will also be able to nominate individuals for the position.  In addition to the webpage, I will announce key milestones and relevant news as progress is made. All communication with the Columns team should be directed to Mark Wilkison, Principal  & Partner at lambdachiCEO@columnsfundraising.com. All communication with the committee regarding the search should be directed to Phil Parker at pparker@dacc.org.

The Grand High Zeta has great confidence in the resources it is deploying for this key appointment. This committee working in conjunction with Columns Fundraising has been charged with finding the very best CEO for our Fraternity, and we look forward to providing periodic updates for this process.

Each of us shares an important bond.  While our gifts and graces are unique, we collectively “believe in Lambda Chi Alpha and its traditions, principals, and ideals.”  Our communities would benefit greatly if more of our leaders and fellow citizens lived our values.  Our next CEO will help us serve and develop more men, thus transforming lives and communities.  Please help us get the word out to find Lambda Chi Alpha’s next great leader.  Thanks for your support!

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