CEO Search Committee Update

Thursday, May 23, 2019

FROM: Phil Parker

CEO Search Committee Chairman

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

TO: The Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha

I’m honored to have been appointed to serve as Chair of our CEO Search Committee as we engage in the important work of recommending to the Grand High Zeta our next transformative executive leader, in time for the retirement of our CEO Bill Farkas. This is to update you on our progress to date.

Our highly-qualified committee of 10, together with two additional Brothers serving as resource leaders and our consulting company Columns, has been working our process since early this year. We received an astounding 128 applications during that time, a diverse group that includes both Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha and non-Greek applicants. Our committee was very impressed with the outstanding quality of those many individuals interested in serving our Fraternity as our next administrative leader. Thanks to all of our members for your help in getting the word out about this search, and sincere thanks to our members who have applied for the position, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to serving our Brotherhood.

After months of work reviewing application materials and conducting initial telephone interviews, we are now very close to having in-person interviews with a group of exceptionally qualified candidates. It is our expectation to have a finalist to recommend to the Grand High Zeta for its consideration by the end of June. Upon its approval, the Grand High Zeta will announce to our Brotherhood, to the Greek world generally, and to the public, who will be serving in this important and strategic position of leadership in our great Fraternity.

For periodic updates, position description and profiles of search committee members, check out the CEO Search page.

It has been a great honor to have been called upon to assist the Grand High Zeta in the exercise of this important duty. We are pleased with the success of our process thus far, and we appreciate your interest and patience while as we move forward to complete our work. Thank you, Brothers.

Yours in ZAX,

Phil Parker

Beta-Phi 62

Committee Chairman

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