Chapter Services staff reunites, joins forces during annual retreat

Chapter Services staff reunites, joins forces during annual retreat

Chapter Services took a break from traveling the nation to reunite in The Queen City this weekend.

The entire team — senior staff, recruitment specialists and educational leadership consultants — joined forces for the fraternity’s annual fall retreat in Cincinnati, Ohio to recap major themes playing out at chapters and colonies, and to brainstorm ways to offer better programs and support.

“It was amazing to be able to get back into a routine,” said Taylor Krivas, a consultant. “It’s so refreshing to get back together with a staff that offers so much support even when we’re timezones apart.”

Recruitment Specialist Chris Pockette said the field staff receives incredible support from the senior staff based at headquarters.

“Although (we’re) on site working face-to-face with our chapters and colonies, a lot of work should be credited to those individuals working from IHQ each day,” Pockette said.

Chris Buck, senior associate director of chapter services, said hearing from field staff about what they see out on the road makes it easier to map out the rest of the year. Each chapter or colony has individual needs, he said, so the retreat is a great time to collaborate on ways to tackle those.

“When half of your team is remote for eight months out of the year, we have to think about how do we support our team so that they can support our undergraduates,” he said. “It’s also really exciting to see first-year consultants and recruitment specialists getting their stride. At this point, they’re halfway through their visits or expansion projects.”

Amazing things happen when the team is together face-to-face, Buck said.

“We come out of that with fresh ideas and better ways of supporting the Lambda Chi Alpha movement.”

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