Choptalk 031 Recap: Chris Meyer


This week on the ChopTalk podcast, we are covering the lifelong commitment Chris Meyer has exemplified beginning with his involvement with the Educational Foundation.

Meyer began his journey as a member of the Foundation Board in 2010. He is the immediate former Foundation Board Chair and continues to stay active with updates from the Educational Foundation. In that role, he worked with the former CEO, Bill Farkas, to determine how funds are best spent and to hold the Educational Foundation accountable to decisions made by the board. Although he has moved on from his role, Meyer continues to serve in more ways than one.

In addition to his time, Meyer has been donating to the Educational Foundation for 20 years. Beginning at the end of his active status and into his future as an alumnus, he has stayed faithful to his commitment to the General Fraternity. Meyer explains how he found success in donating through strategic budgeting in increased increments as he found financial success in his career.

Through both of these examples, Meyer displays the involvement of an alumnus in three ways: time, talent and treasure. His role on the Foundation Board allowed him to use his professional experience to determine next steps for the organization alongside significant figures within Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Naturally, donating part of his fortune fits perfectly with the treasure aspect.

Meyer explains how to use each of these pillars to your advantage as an undergraduate and alumnus. He is passionate about giving back to Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and committed to seeing the organization thrive due to members generosity. If you are looking to become more involved the future of Lambda Chi Alpha or learn how to stretch your impact, listen now:

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