CJ Slavin (University of Richmond) Receives Valuable Knowledge from Stead Leadership Seminar

CJ Slavin (University of Richmond) Receives Valuable Knowledge from Stead Leadership Seminar

When sophomore CJ Slavin first stepped onto the University of Richmond’s campus, he just couldn’t see himself taking the leap into the Greek world. But the more time he spent around it, and more specifically, Lambda Chi Alpha, the values and the way members carried themselves quickly changed his mind.

Slavin with chapter brothers.

Today, Slavin serves as High Delta for the Alpha-Chi chapter and most recently attended the Stead Leadership Seminar at the University of Maryland. The Massachusetts native had some help from Lambda Chi along the way, though.

After consulting with older brothers, Slavin learned that the Educational Foundation offers many scholarships to members to attend events, such as the Stead Leadership Seminar. Slavin decided to apply and says he was lucky enough to receive one.

“I couldn’t see myself being able to attend Stead without it, just due to the financial commitment, so it really enabled Stead to become an option for me,” said Slavin. “Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to attend and gain the skills that I did.”

Slavin was a recipient of the George W. Spasyk Sophomore Scholarship. This scholarship was initiated to specially honor Spasyk (Michigan 1949), who served on the Lambda Chi Alpha professional staff from 1950 to 1990, and as chief executive of the Fraternity from 1968 to 1990.

Through the scholarship, Slavin had the opportunity to meet members from across the continent, learning best practices and gaining valuable knowledge to bring back to Richmond.

As High Delta, Slavin said that the most beneficial aspect of the conference were the recruitment workshops. Slavin was able to learn about many tools offered to chapters and has since amended some of the outdated recruitment practices of his own chapter.

In addition to the workshops, Slavin was also able to enjoy the service day ( a key part of each regional Stead seminar), which he affirms allowed him to see just how much Lambda Chi Alpha does for all communities which host the fraternity.

Alpha-Chi chapter, following a Watermelon Bust.

“The volunteer day in the city, getting to go to a soup kitchen, that was a really cool experience and being able to do it with my brothers was an awesome experience that I wouldn’t have had without Stead,” said Slavin.

Slavin says that he is excited to see where his membership leads him, and looks forward to the many opportunities in the future from his fraternity.

“I can’t emphasize enough how appreciative I was to receive the scholarship and get the opportunity to get to go to Stead,” stated Slavin. “I think it’s an awesome, one-of-a-kind program that I am definitely going to advertise it more.”

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