Episode 014 – An Honest and Candid Conversation (Pt. 1)

On this episode of the ChopTalk Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Louis Profeta. Profeta is a nationally recognized, award-winning writer and Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis. On this episode, we discuss the harsh realities of alcohol and drugs and the adverse effects they have on society and within our chapters. This is a conversation that everyone should hear.

Fact-Off. Stay tuned for a special edition of the fact-off coming soon! (current standings: Mike – 1; Taylor – 3)

Fact-Off Standings:

Mike – 1 Taylor – 3

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Dr. Louis Profeta

Disclaimer: The views expressed in our ChopTalk podcasts are those of the individual participants only and do not necessarily express the views of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity or its chapters or members. Our ChopTalk podcasts are intended to be as open and honest with our members as possible, but we acknowledge that certain topics may be sensitive, graphic or emotionally challenging. Please use your own discretion to avoid any material that you may find potentially painful or difficult.

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