Fall 2019 Expansion Updates

Lambda Chi Alpha grew by four this semester by adding East Carolina University, Purdue University, Butler University and Marietta College to our Brotherhood. Our Educational Leadership Consultants (ELC) are tasked with coordinating an extended visit to the campuses in order to get the colony running efficiently. ELC’s spend the duration of the expansion working on administrative and recruiting efforts while on site.

Corey Miracle (Iota-Gamma, ’14) speaking to Marietta College associate members during one of his last days on site.

ELC Trevor Nicholas (Pi-Mu, ’14) explains, “Our recruitment process is entirely relationship based. We still have events, we still have fun, we still have recruitment activities, but the majority of our process is reaching out personally and asking to meet in person. We can get a good idea of their [potential members] character and motive behind wanting to join a Fraternity. We are not recruiting people to an idea; we are recruiting people to people. Instead of joining this mysterious organization, it’s building a friendship and getting to know them.”

Along with meeting directly with students, the ELC’s connect with alumni in the area, university Greek advisors and essential staff in order to ensure our new members are value-based men. They seek out students who are involved in various campus activities, dedicated to their future career and known to be men of character. Through referrals, the four groups were able to grow into some of the strongest expansions we’ve seen yet.

Marietta College

The alumni were thrilled to hear of a revitalization at their alma mater and worked in tandem with Nicholas (Pi-Mu, ’14) and Corey Miracle (Iota-Gamma, ‘14) to gather names. Operations moved quickly as the men arrived on campus and found success in recruiting men involved with campus athletics. Nearly 70% of the associate members are involved in campus activities and show great enthusiasm for cultivating a group that is dedicated to inclusivity. The group is currently at 24 associate members.

Butler University

As a school with heavy Greek life involvement, Nicholas and Tyler Drisko (Alpha-Xi, ‘14) found no trouble in recruiting men who were open to joining a Fraternity. In only three days, eight men committed to the Brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. The snowball effect continued as that number doubled in the second week on campus. With 21 men currently a part of the colony, they have high hopes for their future in the spring semester.

Purdue University colony members with their Intramural Bowling team.

Purdue University

With a pool of 40,000 students, the Nicholas and Joseph Suzanne (Pi-Upsilon, ’16) were quick to adapt to the large selection of undergraduate men. As an engineering school, the men considering joining are, first and foremost, committed to their schoolwork. By recruiting men with the same mindset, Suzanne and Nicholas are confident in the character and mindset of the 24 initiated Brothers.

East Carolina University

Through connections in the area, Miracle and Jim Phillips (Kappa-Gamma, ’15) were able to get immediate guidance on how the campus culture would impact the expansion. Working with a large campus such as ECU, finding men who were interested came as no challenge. After finding ones who were a good fit, 40 men were initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha as Brothers.

Although the ELC’s have left campus, the project does not stop when their time on site comes to an end. Brett Baker (Iota-Omicron, ’03), Director of Expansion, explains that we continue cultivating these colonies until they are ready to receive their charter. He says that the holistic approach to our expansions offer a level of support and guidance that allows our men to thrive.


Special thanks to our Ball State University, Wilmington College, Franklin College and University of North Carolina – Wilmington chapters for their continued support in bringing more men into our Brotherhood.

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