Fall Series: Becoming a Man of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values

This fall, we are looking back on our foundation. The preparation for recruitment is in full swing and hopeful members are knocking at our doors awaiting an invitation. As they navigate the process, they will learn what kind of men we expect them to be, ones of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values. The recruits will follow by example of the brothers who have come before them and begin to understand why they hold a significant place in our Fraternity.

Nothing is more important than being a man of value. Without value, a solid ground to stand on becomes quicksand in the face of adversity. Through the series, Becoming a Man of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values, we are testing the solid ground we walk on. From September through November, each week will be dedicated to a different Core Value. Through the mediums of the Choptalk Podcast, C&C and social media channels, there will be numerous opportunities to stay updated on each value.

Alumnus, staff and undergraduate members will be explaining how a specific value has shaped their life. Some resonate with the Loyalty aspect while others are fixated on Servanthood & Stewardship. Whichever value speaks to you, we’ve got a brother who feels the same way.

Our hope is that this series offers a new way of thinking about the Core Values. Moving past the standard definition and learning how to live with Integrity, Honor and Respect. Knowing that Loyalty to the Fraternity is more than a 10-dollar donation during the holidays, it’s funding a scholarship for a student who needs it. Members who use our values as the foundation of their life are living examples of the impact this Fraternity has. Their story is our story and it deserves to be told.

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