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Every day, deserving members across the country give their best in order to serve, lead and make a positive impact upon society. Many depend on the grants, programs and scholarships available through the foundation. They’re worthy of our best in return.

Donations to the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Trust are not only an investment in our collective future, they strengthen the organization and give you an active role in shaping the way in which our legacy is written.

Why Give?

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation is fundamental in order to fund, develop and support educational programs and activities that inspire a lifetime of personal growth, leadership, service and deep fraternal relationships.

The impact of your gift will be felt far and wide, making a positive impact in the lives of members every day. It is only through your efforts and generosity that together, we can truly change the world.

Ways to Give

More Than a Donation

You’re more than giving a donation, you’re empowering, uplifting and emboldening future brothers, providing them with opportunities and resources to make a lasting impact. For your convenience and flexibility, we provide a number of different ways to give. Donations can often be structured in a way that will not only be beneficial to the organization, but to you as well.

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