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From Fan to Career

It isn’t every day that you find yourself working under former NFL pro Tim Tebow. What started as a dream has now become reality for Cruz Oxenreider (University of Alabama, ’15) through years of hard work.

Oxenreider first began his collegiate career at the University of Florida, but after further review, found that it wasn’t quite the school for him. Growing up as a military brat, Oxenreider never had a true allegiance to any one place, save Alabama, where spent his high school years and made countless connections. Oxenreider fell in love with both the University of Alabama and Auburn immediately after touring. Leaving the decision literally up to chance by flipping a coin, Oxenreider began his transfer application to Alabama soon after.

Once there, Oxenreider was adamant about not exploring Greek Life. He had already been through the process at Florida and decided that it wasn’t right for him at the time. After meeting a neighbor who was part of Lambda Chi and, Oxenreider chose to give it a second chance and meet more of the Brothers.

From there, he knew he had found something lasting.

“I would say top five decisions I have made in my 29 years of life so far,” said Oxenreider. “So, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; it was honestly a right place, right time kind of thing.”

Throughout his adult life, the connections he made through Lambda Chi have served as a crucial support system in helping Oxenreider reach his career goals.

Following his first stint at The University of Alabama, Oxenreider did everything in his power to achieve his dream of working in sports marketing. After years of grinding and putting in the extra hours in other positions, Oxendreider received the incredible opportunity to work for Tim Tebow at his new startup company, Campus Legends.

At the heart of Campus Legends is the desire to put the collegiate athlete first through resources and monetizing their collegiate careers. Oxenreider supports this mission every day through his work on social and digital campaigns as well as working alongside the graphic artists and videographers to help bring the story to life.

Because of the startup nature of the company, Oxenreider is brought back to his Lambda Chi days and the sense of collaboration he always felt with his Brothers.

“A lot of lessons I’ve learned in my professional career, even though it hasn’t been that long, has taken a lot from my fraternity days and helped me get to where I am,” said Oxenreider.

Each day is a new adventure for Oxenreider, and he has been thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a fast-paced environment and for someone he idolized as a kid.

“So going from my first job ever out of college as an account manager for a promotional item company to where I am now is just so humbling in so many ways,” said Oxenreider.

Now with his dream job, Oxenreider is also free to pursue his other passions of keeping up with his own podcast and advocating for mental health daily.

Though his life has taken many unexpected turns, Oxenreider is confident he is exactly where he needs to be through hard work and an incredible support system.

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