From the Editor


From the Editor

As we wind down from another successful school year and head into a well-deserved summer break, it is time once again to remember the best stories of the quarter.

In this issue, our cover story introduces us to Grand High Zeta member Jim Abbott. Abbott is not only a critical part of Lambda Chi Alpha, but the leader of the University of South Dakota, where he helps guide students to excellence.

We also introduce a few new sections of the Cross & Crescent, which we hope our readers will enjoy, while also learning a few tips and tricks along the way.

Throughout the rest of the issue, you will find stories of leadership, service, and a dedication to the greater good. It has been my honor serving as editor, thus far, and I continue to look forward to sharing the stories of our great fraternity.

As always, please remember to check cc.lambdachi.org for the latest updates on what is going on throughout all Lambda Chi Alpha chapters. If you would like to see every article as it is published, please feel free to sign up to receive email alerts by visiting cc.lambdachi.org/subscribe. If you have a story which you would like to submit, please email editor@lambdachi.org.

We would like to extend our thanks to members and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha alike for creating the best experience of any fraternity.

Thank you for reading, and we wish brothers a safe and relaxing summer break!

Best regards,

Taylor Grayson

Editor, Cross & Crescent Magazine