From the Editor



From the Editor



If this is your first time visiting the new home of the Cross & Crescent, let me be the first to welcome you.

Undoubtedly you’ve noticed an absence of monthly emails accompanied by a digital version of the traditional magazine, that being due to our shift to this new format. Since late November we have been populating the site with daily Lambda Chi Alpha content in order to bring our audience up to date, relevant, and versatile content and news.

This change has allowed us to bring you multimedia content such as news, video, podcast, and various resources in a way not possible before with the traditional magazine format. A quick look around the new site and you can see organized tabs such as Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Video, History, etc.

Visit us daily for updated content and information, and as always, if you have a suggestion for a story or any photos, videos or links to share, please send them to editor@lambdachi.org.

Thank you.


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Kyle Jones

Editor, Cross & Crescent

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