High Alpha Summit/Neville Advisors College 2020: Recap

Last week, the Office of Administration ventured to Indianapolis to invite High Alphas and Alumni to join the yearly High Alpha Summit/Neville Advisors College! The High Alphas were challenged to think innovatively about their chapter/colony operations while the advisors dove into the meaning of working with undergraduate members combined with leadership. The conference began with registration on the afternoon of Thursday, January 2, 2020 to allow time for guests to settle in before kicking off.

Kristin Kardas began the conference by sending a message of encouragement to the attendees about the opportunity the conference holds. CEO, Troy Medley, followed by introducing the Building Blocks of Leadership to the attendees. He touched on the different techniques used by successful leaders and introduced what makes a good Lambda Chi Alpha leader.

The schedule consisted of Small Group Sessions after the Large Group Sessions and continued that pattern for the remainder of the conference. The Small Group Sessions allowed members of different chapters/colonies to meet one another and exchange ideas to improve their individual operations.

Several Large Group Sessions were dedicated toward exploring the intricacies of leadership and explaining what brotherhood means by using real examples within our membership. Lynn Chipperfield and Grand High Pi, Greg Castanias, both presented on micro level tactics to ensure the health and wellness of each of our chapters/colonies. On Saturday, undergraduates were able to learn more about the partnership with OmegaFi, discuss how JED Foundation is engraved in our daily operations and get a one-on-one coaching session!

The Closing Banquet concluded the conference with a plated dinner and speech from Grand High Alpha, Jeff Stuerman. He used analogies relating back to his beloved St. Louis Blues to emphasize his passion for Brotherhood and the diversity of our chapters/colonies. Each of the High Alpha attendees departed the following morning to return to their chapter/colony to present what they’ve learned.

We would like to extend our gratitude toward our guest speakers: Troy Medley, Dan Hartmann, Jeff Stuerman, Greg Castanias, Lynn Chipperfield, Justin Fisher, Ethan Fields, Brandon Dean, Caitlin Hannah, Kristin Kardas, Nick Zuniga, Logan Boersma, Joey Stephens, Jackson Stephens and Marriot Hotels. Additionally, a huge ‘thank you’ goes out to our facilitators, donors and undergraduates for making this conference a success!

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