IDeal man

Succeed in Brotherhood. Succeed in Life.

The Ideal Man program supports Collegiate Brothers throughout their undergraduate journey and beyond. Ideal Man is a four-year personal and professional skill-building program to maximize the Lambda Chi Alpha Membership experience. Focused on developing Brotherhood, competence, and character, its mission is to prepare Members for success during and after college.



From Association to Initiation and beyond, Members are provided with a home away from home. Learning is centered on social and experiential activity to maximize the Membership experience.


Lambda Chi Alpha is synonymous with leadership. From core to elective modules, Members will learn what it takes to be an effective leader within the Fraternity, on their campus, and in their local communities


Membership within Lambda Chi Alpha doesn’t stop at graduation. Members will learn what lifelong Membership entails and will begin building their legacy as an Ideal Man before graduation. 


Developing Myself 
Associate Members proactively follow a structured onboarding experience that explores what it means to be “a man of character.” Through the lens of the Seven Core Values, and practical scenarios which require decision points and choices, Associate Members are prepared for Chapter and student life.

Developing My Relationships
Members develop self-awareness by learning how they relate to others, and what it means to be a Brother and a productive team player. Brothers also learn about different officer positions.

Developing My Leadership
Members prepare to effectively lead teams and projects within the Chapter, on campus, and in their community. In learning the fundamentals of leadership, and contributing to projects, Brothers are developing the tangible experiences which employers are looking for. *COMING SOON*

Developing My Future
Members harness the Lambda Chi network, and the opportunities Lambda Chi offers, in addition to shaping their own legacy within the Chapter. It’s all about looking forward, while also setting the foundation for giving back. *COMING SOON*