The Office of Administration welcomes new Team Members

To celebrate the new year, we are welcoming in four new members to the Office of Administration. Their skill, professionalism, and dedication to the mission of Lambda Chi Alpha will help us accomplish our strategic objectives and, as a result, provide even greater service and support to our collegiate and alumni brothers.

Doug Derringer

After spending the last twenty years working in higher education through sales and marketing roles, Derringer (Iota-Alpha, ’89) is ready to return to his roots at Lambda Chi Alpha. Serving as the Chief Growth Officer, he is overseeing the Expansion and Marketing teams in their efforts to grow the Fraternity. For Derringer, this isn’t just about improving the brand and size of the Fraternity, it’s about telling the story of Lambda Chi Alpha. He sees this opportunity as one that allows him to make the story come to life and impact members of all generations.

Matt Hornyak

As someone who has a passion for organizations that hold its values strong, Lambda Chi Alpha was the perfect fit for Hornyak. He comes from the agency world and now serves the Director of Marketing. The dedication our CEO, Troy Medley, showed for his Brotherhood sold Hornyak on what it means to be a part of the legacy that Lambda Chi Alpha holds. He plans to continue it by ensuring that the new branding and communication aligns with our current, future and alumni members.

Hornyak explains, “All the qualitative and quantitative research we’ve undertaken to ensure that what we’re doing is accurate is remarkable. That puts a great foundation together for who we need to be as this branding goes through.”

Jessica Ashton

Ashton enjoyed working with Lambda Chi Alpha so much during our expansion at East Carolina University, she chose to come work with us full time. She will be serving as the Director of Health and Wellness in order to ensure the mental and physical health of our members. Ashton is currently pursuing her PhD and has a Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

“The direction Lambda Chi Alpha is headed in a way to move the needle and there are few opportunities to do that right now. We are not trying to do it better but different” says Ashton.

Josh Reynolds

In order to ensure the well-being of the Fraternity, Reynolds will be stepping into the role of Investigator. His main priority is to do just as the name suggests, investigate any acts of misconduct, hazing and incidents of abuse. He comes from 14 years of law enforcement with collegiate and city police departments. He racks on another nine years with the IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) making Reynolds an expert in his line of work. He is looking forward to building the men of Lambda Chi Alpha into better men through a learning model that is going to allow our organization to grow.

COO, Justin Fisher (Phi-Theta, ’10), shares, “This is an exciting time in the Office of Administration. While change presents challenges, it is really encouraging that we have found talented and committed individuals who want to help us accomplish our mission. We have been working for months on our strategic and operating plans, and now we finally have the team to put those into action. I look forward to everyone getting up to speed and working to make Lambda Chi Alpha the best fraternal experience it can be.”

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