John Durham: The Power of a Good Network


John Durham: The Power of a Good Network

John Durham (Georgetown alumnus) moved to San Francisco 26 years ago, and he has never looked back. Originally from Atlanta, Durham made the move out west for a job, but soon found a home among the hustle and bustle and  countless interesting people in the Bay Area.

While the thriving metropolis has become home for Durham, he says that his Lambda Chi experience and the network he created played a key role in his success and getting to the big city.

“I think that it’s Lambda Chi and also the Greek world that you have to think about the power of both,” said Durham. “You meet interesting people along the way, you find out where they went to school; if they are a Lambda Chi, that’s great, you make an instant connection, but if they are Greek, we talk about the power of fraternity.”

Durham assures that going Greek was one of the best decisions he made in his life, and encourages current brothers to realize the depth of the network they have joined.

Now as the CEO/Managing Partner of Catalyst s+f, a marketing firm in the heart of the city, Durham sees the power of connections and networking every day. From this, he gives this advice to brothers: do not overestimate the power of the informational interview and how far a simple connection with a fellow Lambda Chi will take you.

“People have lost the art of asking for help in a most gracious way,” stated Durham. “Once you become a member of a Greek organization, and particularly the pride of Lambda Chi, you have an obligation to give and to help.”

For any brother thinking of making the move to a big city, Durham encourages not only the use of a strong network, but the drive to learn new things and experience all of the life a city has to offer.

Durham’s door is always open for a brother in need and the opportunity is there for the taking.

“I just think it’s a wonderful experience (Greek Life), and I’ve never looked back,” said Durham. “I’ve never second-guessed it; it’s one of the highlights of my life.”

For more of Durham’s story, stay tuned for our LCA Made June story.

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