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4 Times a Lambda Chi Alpha Chose to do the Right Thing

Joseph Campbell (Sigma-Zeta, ’91) is passionate about becoming an honorable man through his actions. As the ago old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” It certainly rings true in his life as he chooses to pass on that character trait on others. Each and every day, Campbell uses the Boy Scouts as a way to encourage the next generation to grow, lead and serve. He displayed the service hood piece by utilizing his time in the army to its fullest. It comes with hard conversations to determine next steps for the American Legion. Lastly, where it all began, Lambda Chi Alpha gave him the courage to pursue each of these avenues to begin with.

  1. An Army Lieutenant Colonel

“In the Army displaying consistency in words and deeds, and ethics in actions allowed my superiors, peers and subordinates know ahead of time what to expect from me at any given moment. In other words, what you expected from Private Campbell in ‘86 is what you should expect from Buck Sergeant Campbell in ‘90, Lieutenant Campbell in ’92 and Colonel Campbell in ‘12.”

  1. American Legion

“Just like my time in the Army, my fellow volunteers and community know what to expect from me because I am consistent and ethical with what ‘I’ think and feel. My actions are predictable so anything I do or asked to do should generate relatively predictable results.”

  1. The Boy Scouts

“When working with Texas Boys State Citizens, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, I remind them that whatever they say or do may be recorded and if they become someone important or famous, someone, somewhere, WILL dig into the details of their words and deeds. This is especially easy since we are in the information age. WHEN this happens, it’s okay if those researching you don’t agree with you but it’s not okay if your actions and words are off from one another, or your ethics are off from your beliefs.”

  1. Lambda Chi Alpha

“Again, consistency and ethics. Doesn’t matter if one of my undergraduate chapters ask me to take on the difficult job of High Alpha during a trying time in the chapter’s history or if the Fraternity CEO picks my brain for my professional thoughts and opinions on the state of the fraternity…consistency and ethics are always at the forefront. Many of us think and feel that the truth hurts but the truth is righteous and with the truth we are able to make more accurate decisions as to where we want to go which should ultimately help us succeed in life.”


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