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Student Advisory Committee member wins two service-based awards

At Wilmington College, students immerse themselves in campus from the moment their first day of classes begins. It is the small school community and active alumni that make the students eager to start making Wilmington, OH, their home. This story was no different for Kameron Rinehart (Wilmington College Π Δ, ’17), former Student Body President at Wilmington College.

As each student was joining their favorite activities, Rinehart focused on servanthood by becoming the Student Body Vice President during his junior year. It was there that he learned his natural knack for leadership and finding solutions to problems. As the end of the school year was approaching, his passion for working with others only grew. It was then he decided to run for Student Body President for his senior year.

“I do things because I am passionate about them; I am very much a servant leader at heart. Everything I do revolves around other people, and I want to make an impact in other people’s lives,” explains Rinehart.

The whole idea for running was to improve the community at Wilmington College and make the undergraduate experience the best it can be. Naturally, part of that traced to the incredible experience Lambda Chi Alpha and other Greek organizations do for the students. Rinehart found his home within the walls of chapter meetings, and that supporting other students involved in Greek life was critical. He decided to become more involved in his beloved Greek life community, Lambda Chi Alpha, by adding another responsibility to his full schedule: becoming the Grand High Theta for the Lambda Chi Alpha Student Advisory Committee.

While the two positions may seem like too much for an average student, Rinehart often jumps on these opportunities whenever he has the chance. His passion for servant leadership would not allow him to simply enjoy his senior year; he needed to be affecting others in a positive way. Rinehart did not bat an eye at the time commitment and pressure of the positions, and his color-coded calendar was there through thick and thin.

He explains, “When I commit to doing something, I do it wholeheartedly, and I work on it to the best of my abilities. I do not like to do something that I am not proud of. I work best under a bit of pressure; I really like having a deadline.”

That mentality drove Rinehart to receive two prestigious awards and a chance to speak at the Wilmington College virtual commencement ceremony. He was the first Lambda Chi Alpha member to win the Distinguished Servant Award for his dedication to going above and beyond for the Wilmington College campus. His second award, the Quaker Impact Award, was given to Rinehart for his lasting impact on Wilmington College and Wilmington, OH community.

“The Core Values really stand out to me. I think it is something all Brothers live by and something we try to live by at Wilmington College. The service, honor, integrity, and stewardship are a part of our daily lives. It is something special about our chapter; a lot of our Brothers are involved in many different service organizations. It has helped me through the years become a better leader on campus and in my fraternity.”

Rinehart is leaving the Wilmington College community with a bittersweet feeling. His next endeavor takes him to Ohio State University to pursue a master’s degree in agricultural communications, education, and leadership with an emphasis on international agricultural development. It is a significant change from the small school he is accustomed too. Rinehart’s teaching assistantship will be the warm welcome he needs to make a lasting impact on a new community.

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