Choptalk 032 Recap: Kevin Carey

This week on the ChopTalk Podcast, we are discussing the complexity of Fraternity men leading one another in an organization.

Carey begins by explaining that respect easily translates from the chapter level to professional environments. It is not a transaction, rather, an expectation. The challenge comes when peers and leaders are not following the same example. He says that there needs to be an outlier who challenges the disrespect with a willingness to take criticism for their actions.

When talking specifically about the Fraternity men we serve, it comes down to giving them the tools they need in order to make thoughtful decisions. A large part of that is having the confidence to speak up when a decision will negatively affect the organization or chapter. Carey encourages those who are struggling with this that it is an internal battle and necessary to talk to a University advisor if a situation needs a third party.

A part of the inclusivity that Fraternities like Lambda Chi Alpha preach means accepting opinions of those who do not fall in the status quo. Carey uses the example of students who join an athletically based chapter, then quit their sport. Using their insight to look further than the basic model will encourage a more diverse community. Relating to the small, private, liberal arts schools with Greek Life, finding that balance came much easier to Carey.

He wraps up our conversation by discussing the importance of taking this skill outside of the four years of involvement in a Fraternity. Having respect for other decisions goes beyond disagreeing with a High Alpha. He wants to encourage the men going through changes in undergrad to find their voice and become more self-aware for the good of the group. Listen to the whole conversation:


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