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Lambda Chi Alpha Announces New Position Hires

Staff at Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters are pleased to welcome Jonathan Gottwald as the new Associate Director of Education & Harm Reduction and Nathan Schultz as Associate Director of Chapter Services. Both men served the Fraternity previously as Educational Leadership Consultants (ELC).

Jonathan Gottwald 

A brother from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Gottwald comes off his second year as an ELC to join the Harm Reduction staff. In his new position, Gottwald will focus on supporting all harm reduction efforts for the fraternity, while also aiding in the educational efforts benefitting the general membership.

Through his role, Gottwald also hopes to increase educational opportunities for not only member development, but also field staff development in the area of harm reduction.

“I am looking forward to working on our educational resources,” said Gottwald. “I have also enjoyed working with undergraduates and have a newfound respect for our harm reduction efforts.”


Nathan Schultz 

Schultz brings a wide breadth of knowledge with him to the position of Associate Director of Chapter Services, both from his undergraduate experience at Edinboro University and as a former ELC. Within his role, Schultz will be responsible for overseeing the growth and training of current field staff members and the on-boarding of new ELCs.

As a former consultant, Schultz looks forward to utilizing his knowledge of the road to work with current and new field staff to create the most comprehensive and productive experience for undergraduates.

“This [ELC visit] is usually the one interaction with IHQ that our members get to see, and I think it is the most important,” said Schultz. “I am looking forward to being able to train these men, as well as implementing other departments in the training efforts so they are more well-rounded for the road.”

The experiences both men bring with them from the road will only help their development on staff. With the ability to fall back on their knowledge of how IHQ is able to interact with chapters and what is needed for a successful chapter, both Gottwald and Schultz are eager to continue their service to the Fraternity.

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