Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Featured on Netflix’s “Queer Eye”


According to Parrot Analytics, audience demand for the Netflix favorite Queer Eye is almost five times the demand of the average television series in the United States. Through five different areas of self-improvement, the “Fab Five” have taken the country by storm in heartfelt stories centered around self-acceptance and love.

 As the seventh season, set in New Orleans, hits Netflix on May 12, viewers will be introduced to a brand-new cast of deserving individuals ready to make a change for the better in their lives.

That’s where the Brothers of the Lambda-Alpha Chapter at the University of New Orleans come into play.

When searching for the perfect candidates to benefit from the Fab Five’s talents, the show’s producers believed that tackling a fraternity would be a unique opportunity for everyone involved. They began the search for the lucky fraternity and came across the Instagram page of the Lambda-Alpha Chapter. As the only fraternity on campus with a house, the producers thought this could make for an even better episode by not only transforming the Chapter members, but the house as well.

Jessica Jorgensen, Development Casting Director for ITV America, got the ball rolling with the Chapter members by having an initial meeting with High Alpha Ryan Parker, followed by interviews with several of the members. Jorgensen saw the fit was there and recommended the Chapter.

Filming began over the summer with a handful of the members, including Marco Barahona, Demario Struiken, and Joshua Allen. Each Brother loves his membership in Lambda Chi Alpha for different reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is the level of acceptance they feel within the Brotherhood.

“I feel that I’m accepted as who I am,” said Struiken. “I see everybody being the best version of themselves.”

Throughout the filming process, the Brothers underwent transformations both in outward appearance but more importantly learning how to connect with each other on a deeper level that strengthened their bond.

“I’ve learned a good bit about my fellow Brothers’ struggles and ways to be there for them,” said Allen. “I think I’ve bettered myself since we recorded the show in all aspects of my life.”

Looking ahead, the members are excited to take what they learned from the show and apply it to create an even more accepting experience for all Brothers.

“Groups can make for challenging stories, but in this episode, our hero is the Fraternity,” said Showrunner & Executive Producer Jennifer Lane. “We came away with a new perspective on the importance of brotherhood.

“We’re all searching for guidance and to live better, more connected lives.”