LCA 101: Understanding the High Kappa Position

Brothers from UNC-Greensboro

Photo courtesy of the Phi-Theta chapter at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Have you ever sat through a class that didn’t interest you at ALL? Maybe it was that freshman year mandatory history class or the statistics class you had to take for your major- whatever it was, chances are you weren’t interested because it provided little value to you. Here’s the thing: our minds like efficiency. We don’t want to spend time on things that “don’t matter”. If we aren’t careful during this pandemic, we can let our programming evolve into something that’s more of a chore and less of an essential Brotherhood experience. Our Brothers have 3,000 things fighting for their attention during this time. Let’s make sure we are meeting their unique needs with our programming to ensure engagement!

First, we need to understand the function of the High Kappa in a healthy chapter culture. In this part of the LCA 101 series, we are going to take a closer look at the this important position. Here’s some areas you’ll need to lock in before we go any further: 

  • Plan and execute eight (8) experiential Fraternity Education Sessions a semester.
  • Big Brother Program: Create and execute a Big Brother Program that includes mentorship training, strategic pairing, experiential assessment and excludes hazing activities as outlined in the Constitution and Statutory Code 
  • Associate Member Onboarding – Plan and execute two Associate Member Onboarding sessions 48 hours before and after any Associate Member Ceremony
  • Host at least one session with all High Zeta officers, alumni advisors, and new members on anti-hazing in Lambda Chi Alpha

Next, list essential officers to collaborate with in this unique time of COVID-19:

  • Identify where the chapter needs support! (Sigma, Phi, Rho, Tau, Delta…etc.)
  • What members do you have that are experts in an area that can present to the chapter?
  • How can you utilize your Alumni in chapter programming?
  • What resources are provided by the university that you can take advantage of?

Last, list opportunities to involve upperclassmen in fraternity education:

  • What are the strengths, talents and interests of your seniors? How can you leverage them?
  • Give them some freedom to plan an event or host a panel about their time in Lambda Chi!

Use the Wheel of Chapter Health to identify areas the chapter could use programming support!

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