Learning Outcomes

Lambda Chi Alpha designs educational programs to educate undergraduate members and officers as well as alumni officers about the roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures of the brotherhood. 

At the undergraduate level, chapters and colonies are expected to embrace values-based recruitment and values-based education by utlizing the Lambda Chi Alpha Learning Model in their chapter operations.

The Lambda Chi Alpha Experiential Learning Model

The Lambda Chi Alpha Experiential Learning Model is based on Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory (ELT), which was developed by David A. Kolb, who stressed that “knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming the experience.” Similar to Kolb, we also believe that experiences, including cognition, environmental factors, and emotions, influence the learning process. The Lambda Chi Alpha process is divided into four stages that include experience, reflection, make meaning and sharing stages.

Experience Stage

As Lambda Chi Alpha brothers have experiences and complete developmental exercises, it is vital they take time to become aware of how these experiences impact them, as well as what thoughts and feelings are evoked from having these experiences.

Reflection Stage

Once brothers have experiences, the practice of participating in self-reflection prepares them for the next steps in both Lambda Chi Alpha and life. Understanding these experiences can teach brothers a great deal about themselves. In addition to understanding, brothers must also practice the skill of self-observation and self-analysis. Practicing these steps may lead to heightened self-awareness and self understanding. In this stage, brothers should focus on what occurred and ask questions such as: Who did or said what? What was the environment like? Was it symbolic? Was there an intended lesson? How does the experience relate to what is going on in my life? How does this relate to Lambda Chi Alpha teachings?”

Make Meaning Stage

This stage helps to instill a sense of deeper meaning and introspection among brothers based on the knowledge they acquired in their new experiences. Developmental psychologists posit that not just humans, but all organisms organize meaning. However, as human beings, we uniquely seek to find meaning in our life experiences. As we mature, what changes is how we apply value or importance to the things we experience. In this stage, Lambda Chi Alpha challenges brothers to find deeper meaning in their life experiences.

Sharing Stage

As brothers gain experiences and finds deeper meaning from these experiences, we encourage them to share their experiences. We believe that their ability to share experiences creates healthier, happier individuals and relationships and provides for a more meaningful and quality undergraduate experience.