Nick Cutelli: How Brotherhood Can Help Members Achieve Their Goals


Nick Cutelli: How Brotherhood Can Help Members Achieve Their Goals

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When Nick Cutelli first met the members of Lambda Chi Alpha his freshman year at Southeast Missouri State University, he did not accept his bid. He thought Greek Life would not serve a purpose in his life.

Fast-forward to today, and that decision to take a second look at the fraternity has made all the difference in the entertainment guru’s life.

As Cutelli explains, he had big plans to go into psychology in college, but something felt just a little off. His chapter brothers urged him to reevaluate this decision and consider something he hadn’t for a long time: acting.

From the support of his brothers, that’s exactly what Cutelli did. The Missouri native moved to the East Coast following graduation and began his career in theater. After a few other moves across the country, which included theater in St. Louis and comedy in Chicago, Cutelli knew it was time to make the big move to Los Angeles.

Now, Cutelli is living his dream as an actor, writer, and television host in the heart of the entertainment industry. The days of work vary for Cutelli, which is something he says that he enjoys; some days, he could be acting or voice recording, others he could be writing.

Cutelli says that his involvement with Lambda Chi Alpha was the push he needed to follow his passion for acting.

But he has never forgotten the bond of brotherhood and the encouragement he received from his chapter brothers to pursue what he was most passionate about.

Because of this, Cutelli says he tries to give back in any way he can, including his involvement with the local Loyola Marymount University chapter on their alumni board.

Through this upheld connection with fellow brothers, Cutelli has met many interesting and accomplished members, including his current entertainment lawyer.

“It’s kind of cool because we had coffee and it’s kind of neat when you sit down, and the first thing is, ‘what do you need’,” said Cutelli. “We’ve never really met before but we have the fraternity connection, and we’ve gone through I-Week and ritual, so automatically we have that connection.”

Cutelli was able to realize his passion in life, and will never forget the role Lambda Chi Alpha played in that.

“If it wasn’t for Lambda Chi Alpha, I wouldn’t be in L.A.,” assured Cutelli. “If I wasn’t part of this fraternity, I would have no clue where I would be; it got me in the mindset of what I wanted to do, and I got that support and made me who I am today.”

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