On the Menu: Brotherly Connection

Dogwood Greek Life Partnership


University of North Dakota members revive family-style meals through new partnership

COVID-19 has uprooted the very core of how we live our everyday lives, including the simple act of sharing a meal together. For the men of the Epsilon-Zeta chapter at the University of North Dakota, mealtime has become a crucial way to connect. Thanks to a new partnership with Dogwood Greek Life, a meal catering company, Brothers are finding new and safe ways to come together in unprecedented times.

During the fall semester of 2020, Dogwood Greek Life approached several organizations on campus, including Lambda Chi Alpha. The chefs of the catering company were immediately drawn to the kitchen of the chapter house and prepared a demo meal. Following that first meal, the men saw the value the company could provide to both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Now well into the partnership, Brothers are able to enjoy two home-cooked meals a day while taking care to keep COVID-19 guidelines in mind and can finally utilize their dining room again. Out of the 73 members in the chapter, about 30 have taken advantage of the meal plan. The men who live in the chapter house are hopeful that more members will join the meal plan this semester to allow for continued bonding opportunities.

The meal plan not only encourages conversation and time spent with fellow Brothers but has also become an extremely affordable alternative to university dining plans. At almost half the price of a meal on campus, Brothers can receive a good meal right in their own chapter house, a major benefit.

For many members, these meals have become a critical part of their days. The opportunity to connect with each other through these trying times has done nothing but boost chapter morale.

Brothers of the chapter hope that the partnership continues into future semesters and that they can serve as an example to other chapters of the importance of slowing down and supporting each other, even with an act as simple as sharing a meal together.