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How One Alumnus is Tackling Hunger: Jamie Browning, President for the Board of Directors of Gleaners Food Bank

How One Alumnus is Tackling Hunger: Jamie Browning, President for the Board of Directors of Gleaners Food Bank

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As Hunger Action Month draws to a close, staff at Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters hope that chapters were successful in raising awareness and donations for Feeding America.

Since Lambda Chi began the partnership with Feeding America in 2013, thousands upon thousands of pounds of food have been donated to food banks and pantries across the country and Canada, thanks to our members. But it doesn’t stop there.

Lambda Chi Alpha teaches its members the value of service, not only in their college years, but throughout the rest of their lives. Alumnus Jamie Browning has put these teachings to good use as the President for the Board of Directors of Gleaners Food Bank, located in Indianapolis. Browning says that Lambda Chi helps promote community involvement, and food insecurity has become an issue near and dear to his heart.

“It’s [Feeding America] is a great organization,” stated Browning. “Their mission is to feed people who are food insecure, which is a big problem in the United States and locally here in Indiana.”

thumbnail of FeedingAmerica_GreenGradation_170831According to Browning, while unemployment rates have dipped, the poverty rate has risen over the last few years; food may become secondary to families’ other cares and worries.

That is where Browning and the board of Gleaners come into play. The main goal of the food bank (as with any other food bank) is to first and foremost end food insecurity in the Indianapolis community, but also grow to help more in need. Browning stresses the importance of getting involved with local food pantries/banks. He believes strongly that Lambda Chi members can be the agents for change.

“Feeding America is a great partner in trying to coordinate with food pantries and meal programs across the United States,” said Browning.

Browning says there are many simple opportunities for chapters to get involved, from volunteering time to making donations. Each member of the fraternity is able to become a positive force, assures Browning.

Thanks to alumni, such as Browning, Lambda Chi Alpha continues to make a difference in the lives of so many people across the country and Canada. There is still a little time left in the month, though! Make sure you aid in the ongoing fight to end food insecurity, and together we can do our part.

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