Indiana Tech

Lambda Chi Alpha is pleased to partner with Indiana Tech — a comprehensive, private, not-for-profit university founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana specializing in career-oriented degree

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Henson Shaving

Founded in Ontario, Canada, Henson Shaving’s all-metal construction and recyclable razors use blades that cost as little as ten cents each, resulting in an average blade cost of just

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Campus Cooks

Campus Cooks provides private chefs hired and trained to cater healthy meals to fraternities and sororities at campuses across the country. You can learn more

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Kaplan, Inc.

Lambda Chi Alpha is partnering with Kaplan, Inc., a global leader in academic innovation, to launch a set of transformational new programs that will address

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SoFi’s mission is to help people reach financial independence to realize their ambitions. Lambda Chi Alpha partnered with SoFi to provide members access to financial

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