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Paying it Forward: Grand High Zeta Profile, David Huffine

Paying it Forward: Grand High Zeta Profile, David Huffine

Grand High Gamma, David Huffine, became an Associate Member on a Tuesday. That Friday, he was on his way to the Colonial Conclave meeting.

This experience became an early turning point in Huffine’s journey as a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, changing his life forever.

“When I walked in the door of that conclave, there were all of these strangers,” recalled Huffine. “But they were looking at us like we already knew each other, and it was the strangest feeling.

Huffine with brothers of Pi-Tau Zeta at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he served as their founding High Pi. Photo courtesy of David Huffine.

“In retrospect, I know that was because brotherhood was amongst us. It was such an eye-opening moment to me, and it cemented in my mind that Lambda Chi is something much bigger than me, my campus, and that was very inspiring to me.”

From that moment on, Huffine was determined to jump in and give back to the fraternity that had already given him so much in such a short time. Following his initiation into Phi-Theta (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Huffine proceeded to serve on the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) as his way of immersing himself in the bigger Lambda Chi picture.

Huffine went on to become an Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) following graduation and later served as a High Pi. When asked to then serve on the Grand High Zeta (GHZ), Huffine was not expecting such an honor, but knew that he could take this opportunity to help shape lives, as his had been shaped by Lambda Chi.

Huffine with “Rampant Lion” brothers at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington D.C. during Stead Leadership Seminar East. Photo courtesy of David Huffine.

“It starts with all that Lambda Chi has done for me…it has opened so many doors in my life, and the door openers are not just Lambda Chi, but individual brothers who have seen something in me and given me opportunities. You can’t pay that back, you can only pay it forward.”

Amidst what Huffine calls “gut-wrenching” headlines we see on what seems to be a weekly basis about fraternities, Huffine hopes that his involvement on the GHZ will help change some of those narratives. Huffine affirms that Lambda Chi should be a leader in the Greek world by addressing problems head-on, but also by shining a light on strengths and benefits of the fraternity.

“This time will pass, but it doesn’t just pass because we watch the clock tick,” said Huffine. “It passes because leaders step up, brothers step up, and we are honest about our faults, but also proud of our points of excellence.”

Huffine is still very much involved in the lives of undergraduates, which is a strength he brings to the deliberations of the GHZ. Because the Board has such a critical role in molding  the future of the fraternity, Huffine believes it is crucial for not only him, but other members, to be aware of what it means to be an undergraduate of Lambda Chi in today’s world.

In his professional life away from the GHZ, Huffine’s sense of service and stewardship is very much alive in the work he does for St. Joseph’s Villa in Richmond, Virginia.

St. Joseph’s is the oldest nonprofit for children in the United States, founded in 1834.  The mission of the nonprofit has evolved throughout the years, but Huffine works with a variety of categories: aiding children and families affected by homelessness, working with autism and other developmental disabilities, and offering support for children and youth with mental illness.

Huffine serves St. Joseph’s through communications with stakeholders and advocacy for initiatives that serve about 40 cities and counties through most of Central Virginia.

From his experience at St. Joseph’s to the GHZ, Huffine continues to uphold the values of Lambda Chi Alpha every day and continues to pay it forward.

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