• Office of Administration

    Renee Fritz

    Staff Accountant

    Responsible for billing and accounts receivable

    Email: rfritz@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Thihees Higgs

    Email: thiggs@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Tony Robinson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Responsible for the accounting, financial reporting, and administrative functions of the Fraternity and Educational Foundation.

    Email: trobinson@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Braden Sim

    Staff Accountant

    Responsible for analyzing comparative data to provide insights and recommendations to Fraternity and Educational Foundation members while increasing the accuracy and integrity of that data.

    Email: bsim@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Jessica Timman

    Senior Accountant

    Responsible for assisting with the month-end closing process and verifying the accuracy of financial reporting

    Email: jtimman@lambdachi.org