• Office of Administration

    Jessica Ashton

    Director of Health & Wellness

    Responsible for adjudication processes, harm reduction, and accountability for the health and wellness of the Fraternity at large.

    Email: jashton@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Wil Overholt

    Health & Wellness Coach
    Email: woverholt@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Sara Perry

    Associate Director of Health & Wellness
    Email: sperry@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Walker Rose

    Health & Wellness Strategy Specialist

    Responsible for investigating alleged violations of Fraternity/ Campus Policies, as well as federal, state and local law. Also assists in the management of chapter Risk Management Assessments and works with Lambda Chi’s insurance company, James R. Favor.

    Email: wrose@lambdachi.org