• Office of Administration

    Doug Derringer

    Chief Growth Officer

    Responsible for managing the growth functions of the Fraternity, including marketing and expansion.

    Email: dderringer@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Alex Glazier

    Brand Designer

    Responsible for graphic design, marketing process improvement and brand governance

    Email: aglazier@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Matt Hornyak

    Director of Client Success & Partnership

    Responsible for managing the Fraternity’s external clients and strategic partnerships.

    Email: mhornyak@lambdachi.org
  • Office of Administration

    Sarah Rosenberger

    Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Office of Administration

    Taylor Weitzer

    Sr. Content Coordinator

    Responsible for creating and managing social media content and delivery. Also creates written content for both social media and the Cross and Crescent magazine to highlight the organization’s mission through storytelling.

    Email: tweitzer@lambdachi.org