Philanthropy Spotlight: University of Nevada-Reno


As Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, our Members are taught the importance of servant leadership and what it means to be pillars in the community. Whether that is through events benefitting Movember or hosting a blood drive, our Brothers are continuing to find unique ways to make a difference.

For the Brothers at the Epsilon-Iota Chapter at the University of Nevada-Reno (UNR), service comes in the form of head shaving events in partnership with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Most recently, the Brothers held a fundraising event benefitting the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation that generated a staggering $44,373.

The Shave For The Brave event was started by a Brother several years ago as the Chapter’s primary spring philanthropy event. It was instantly a big hit among Chapter Members.

“The event was perfect for our Chapter because it allowed us to give back to the community has given us so much, and we could do it in a spontaneous way,” said Carter Stokes, High Theta. “We love that we are helping an organization from Reno that is doing great work in the community, providing support to children battling cancer.”

St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been working closely with leading pediatric oncologists since 1999 to fund research for the greatest impact for children with cancer. The unique part about a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is that it culiminates with a head shaving event.

Usually, the Brothers of the Epsilon-Iota Chapter raise $1,000 for every shave during the Shave For The Brave event. But this year, they wanted to go above and beyond, so they set their goal at $40,000.

“When it came time to create our donation pages, we had 50 guys willing to shave their heads,” said Stokes. “I believe it boils down to the pride we take in our philanthropy; we know we are the most philanthropic chapter on campus, and we wanted to put on the biggest fundraiser that UNR has seen in recent memory.”

With such a lofty goal, the Brothers wasted no time in securing donations. Stokes even went so far as going door to door asking for fundraising help. Other Brothers sold donuts on campus or let their friends give them funny haircuts in exchange for a donation.

In addition to the amount of support the Brothers saw from their friends and families, the sororities on campus showed their immense support for the cause. On March 9, the sisters of Delta Gamma, the highest donating organization, came to the Lambda Chi Alpha house to shave the majority of the 50 Brothers’ heads.

The event was the most successful the Chapter has seen in quite some time, and it was all made possible by the philanthropic spirit of the Chapter and its Members.

“Service is taking time out of your day to give back to those who have done the same for you,” said Stokes. “One of the primary reasons that I believed Lambda Chi was for me was their incredible accomplishments in their philanthropy events; our Chapter takes immense pride in our ability to serve others.”

The Epsilon-Iota Chapter is always looking for opportunities to serve in their community. Next up, however, the Chapter will host their annual Watermelon Bust which doubles as a food drive for the local food banks.

Stokes is confident that his Chapter will continue to make an impact in their community not from a sense of obligation, but a true desire to help those around them.

“Our events would not be successful without the participation and excitement from the Chapter,” said Stokes. “I think it’s important to have an event that is special to your Chapter, a tradition that your Chapter can perfect.”