3 Easy Steps for Ranking Priorities in your Life

The demand for your time is only increasing, companies and organizations are, quite literally, demanding that you use your 24 hours each day with them. Out of kindness or perceived obligation, you may find yourself saying, “yes” to everything as to not disappoint anyone. If that is your situation, now is the time to begin questioning what is really important to you and what needs to go. Be loyal to the things you hold dear and push the others to the side. If you need a push to get there, continue reading our guide on Ranking Priorities in your Life.

  1. What is a must-do?

We don’t need to eat ice cream but it sure does make us happy. It’s a perfect example of what isn’t a “must” in our lives. We must pay our rent and we must follow the law. Those are things we cannot find a work-around for. Use this theory when it comes to deciding the activities that are most important to you.

Consider the “musts” in your life and then think about the things you choose to do. You choose to be a part of Lambda Chi Alpha and giving it up is not an option. Making a commitment to the brotherhood means it turns into a “must” as you are initiated. Something that is an option, however, is eating out with your friends. If you spend 4 nights a week ordering take-out, consider spending 2 of those nights using the food you have in your fridge. It opens up your bank account and saves time (depending on the chosen meal).

Pro-tip: Make a list of the activities you are involved in and why you are involved in them. It may add perspective into the way you spend your time.

  1. How much time do your activities take up?

If you are an undergraduate, you probably spend a significant amount of time in classes and doing assignments. As an alumnus, you may spend time on business trips or behind a desk at your office. Ideally, time spent outside of these obligations should be spent with intentionality. For most, however, it is spent saying, “yes” to activities they aren’t interested in.

How much time are you spending on things you don’t care about? Between putting your kids to bed or finishing assignments, those few hours of free time need to be spent wisely. If watching T.V. after a long day helps you relax, go for it. Hitting the gym and sweating it out might be your thing. Whatever it is, ensure that the things you choose to do make sense for your life.

Pro-tip: Map out your activities on a calendar to visually see what your average week looks like. If a certain activity takes more time than you are comfortable with, reevaluate.

  1. Are you giving back?

Since we are talking about priorities, it’s necessary to include the commitment Lambda Chi Alpha holds for serving the community. As a member, it’s not an option to come alongside others in need, it is an expectation. Making time for this practice should naturally be included in your activities calendar (mentioned above). The tricky part is finding the place you want to give your time too.

IHQ partners with Feeding America and the Jed Foundation to cover the bases of food insecurity and mental health awareness. If you are passionate about either of these topics, you already have a head start. If you do not, research local non-profits in your area to find one you can access easily.

Pro-tip: Every cause is important, not all of them are your passion. It is easy to feel compelled to give everything in the moment but understand that you can wait a few months until you find an organization that pulls you in.

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