Rebuilding Brotherhood: Recolonization Efforts at Texas A&M University Soar

When the decision was made to stop operations at Texas A&M University in 2010, members found it to be a huge wakeup call. Daniel Springer, who served as High Alpha at the time of closure, explains how that experience became one of the most formative in his life. Through the pain, he says, he was able to grow as a person.

So when Springer heard that Lambda Chi Alpha was returning to College Station, he was guardedly optimistic.

“Lambda Chi Alpha returning to Texas A&M is bittersweet for me,” said Springer. “So drudging up some of those memories that are associated¬† with my time as an undergraduate in Lambda Chi has been simultaneously cathartic and challenging.”

But when Springer met the initial interest group that wanted to bring Lambda Chi back to A&M, he knew this was the start of something special. He would serve this group in any way possible to help it succeed.

Chris Lantz was a major force in bringing Lambda Chi Alpha back to Texas A&M University, and he is excited to see how they continue to grow.

“Serving as High Pi for the recolonization process has been very rewarding to this point,” said Springer. “I am excited to see what Delta-Mu Zeta can do with a clean slate and am excited to be able to set the foundation for sustainable success for decades to come.”

Chris Lantz, current High Alpha, had been seeking an organization focused on fostering brotherhood since the spring of his freshman year. When he stumbled across Lambda Chi Alpha, he knew this was the organization of which he wanted to be a part. Now a junior, Lantz aims to make the recolonization at A&M one of the best in Lambda Chi history.

“That starts with leadership at the top, and I will work with the current High Zeta diligently to guarantee a successful establishment,” said Lantz. “At already 40 members strong and still growing, I believe this fraternity of soon-to-be brothers can develop into phenomenal leaders for future members by demonstrating our values in the organization, on campus, and in our post-graduate life.”

As with Lantz, many of the new members were looking for a support system that will not only be there as friends, but also as motivators in every aspect of life. Many of the new members hold academics in the highest standard, therefore finding a group of men with high standards has been important. But most of all, the men are excited by the fact that they will have the chance to set themselves apart.

AJ Urteaga transferred from the University of Arkansas after he made a tough decision for his major, where he was also part of Lambda Chi. For Urteaga, being able to start fresh has been a wonderful gift.

Many members, like Urteaga, are looking for a group of men who will be a support system.

“What excited me was just getting to be a part of the organization again,” said Urteaga. “When I transferred, I didn’t really get involved with much at this school [A&M] and only really hung out with old school friends.

“It was a weird transition from living in the Lambda Chi house with 60 of my good friends and always having something going on to living in an apartment by myself without Lambda Chi; I’m just excited to be a part of something bigger than myself again.”

Springer is convinced that this group of bright, young men will do the right things to make the fraternity something new and exciting. Already, the men are looking towards the future and how they will continue to grow and shape themselves into the leading organization on campus.

“Over the course of the last month, I’ve become even more excited at the opportunity to develop this colony,” said Lantz. “I’m looking forward to our role in establishing the colony, and I can’t wait to see Delta-Mu in its full potential.”

The men will continue their diligent efforts, and come February 9, 2020, they will be right there to petition for their charter.

“I feel like I’m a part of their lives now,” said Jimmy Phillips, Educational Leadership Consultant and lead on the A&M expansion. “When they are initiated, I will be their brother and that excites me.”

Lambda Chi has come a long way on A&M’s campus and with the right mindset, they will continue to make strides in the right direction.

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