SAC Spotlight: Robert Wulff

Robert Wulff


Robert Wulff (Missouri University of Science & Technology, ’21) was unsure if college was in his future. During his last year of high school, Wulff ran into health complications to the point where he was unable to attend classes. Ultimately, this put Wulff behind his classmates, pushing his graduation to the end of summer.

When he was finally ready to revisit the college route, his options were limited. But when Wulff investigated Missouri S&T, he found a four-year institution where he could thrive.

As a nontraditional student, Wulff’s first instinct was to get his footing and then find where he fit on campus. During that first summer, Wulff explored many different organizations but ultimately landed on Lambda Chi Alpha once he discovered how he could start leaving his mark on campus through the help of the fraternity.

“I noticed that there were a lot of people making a difference on campus, whether that was through service or leadership in organizations, and I wanted to be a part of that and hopefully pass that on, too,” said Wulff.

Since that first year, Wulff has come into his own, not only in his academics, but also in his Lambda Chi membership.

“It [Lambda Chi Alpha] has become the most meaningful part of college, at least to me,” said Wulff. “I think it’s pretty typical that people can go to college, learn and get a job and everything, but you don’t have any real-life experience or challenges you wouldn’t experience outside of the classroom.

“I love all of those management-style problems that come with operating a successful chapter of a fraternity.”

Wulff has challenged himself through his membership, stepping outside of his comfort zone with his role as High Tau, handling the finances of the chapter. In addition, Wulff has also served his chapter in the roles of High Rho, High Beta and House Manager. Through each of these experiences, Wulff has learned skills which have allowed him to become more well-rounded. All of his opportunities from the chapter have allowed Wulff to find his passion in pursuing a career in law.

But what has really propelled him forward has been his involvement on the Grand High Zeta (GHZ).

To date, Wulff is the chapter’s first member to serve on the Student Advisory Committee as well as the GHZ. During his term, he has been proud to provide the undergraduate perspective to senior leadership, as well as learning more about the operational side of Lambda Chi.

With December graduation right around the corner, Wulff reflects on the steps he has taken since high school to become a better student and Brother.

To his fellow Brothers and those incoming, Wulff encourages them to aim high and realize that their ideas could be the spark for the next great Lambda Chi initiative.