Labor Day Message from the Grand High Alpha

Congratulations!  It’s the start of a new academic year. The excitement of new beginnings coupled with fresh starts quickens the senses. Our desires are energized and our sites are elevated as we seek to do our best while giving it our all. Brothers and roommates are reunited. There are new students to meet and potential brothers to invite into our organization. There are new professors along with a new challenging class schedule. The possibilities for a successful semester are endless. What does success look like this semester?

This is the perfect time to inventory why you decided to attend college and why you decided to join our Brotherhood. You have a tremendous opportunity to further develop your critical thinking, communication and emotional intelligence skills. You have the opportunity to explore different career paths by networking with alumni and campus leaders. You have an opportunity to practice servant leadership while making a difference in your chapter and in your community. You have the opportunity to make life choices that contribute to not only your physical and mental health, but to the physical and mental health of those around you. Lastly, you have the opportunity to build a network of lifelong friends and brothers who will support and help you hold yourself accountable. What does success look like this semester?

As we celebrate Labor in both Canada and the United States, our open motto of “Naught without Labor” reminds each of us about what is required for individual and collective success. It will take work. Sometimes hard work; Always, smart work. You will be tasked with balancing the rigors of both academic and fraternal life. You may compete athletically or have a job in addition to your studies. You may have additional family responsibilities or be in a relationship. In addition, you will want to deepen and expand your friendships and have fun. The bottom-line is that you will experience a great deal of competition for your time. So, how will you achieve success this semester?

First, it is important that you PLAN your WORK. What tasks need to be completed in what order and when? You then must WORK the PLAN. What part of each day are you dedicating to working your plan? Where will you physically work your plan? Will you be working alone or with others?  As you work your plan, how will you maintain a healthy rhythm, staying disciplined and avoiding distractions? Plan your work and work your plan. Naught without labor!

Second, it is important that you surround yourself around people who believe in you and who bring out the very best in you. That is one of the many benefits of our Brotherhood. We share the same values and are willing to support each other and hold each other accountable. Once you complete your work plan, share it with your closest brothers and ask them to support you by holding you accountable and by offering encouragement, especially at critical times. There will be tough days and some pot holes along the way. These special brothers, your personal success team, will make all the difference as you strive to achieve your goals.

You will be surprised by the difference you can make in others’ lives by simply being there and offering a word of encouragement or accountability at the right time.

And, finally, as a brother provide the same accountability and encouragement to others. Being a good brother is “naught without labor” too. If a brother is not living up to his full potential or taking shortcuts that will sabotage their own personal success journey or the journey of others, have the courage and compassion to address it. You will be surprised by the difference you can make in others’ lives by simply being there and offering a word of encouragement or accountability at the right time. To make a difference sometimes you need to be the difference in someone else’s life. That’s brotherhood!

Now, let’s go back to work and have some fun doing so! Go achieve your success!

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