Headquarters Team

International Headquarters Team

Lambda Chi Alpha is set up to meet your fraternal needs. These men and women spend their days shaping the future of our Fraternity. Our team is here to serve you, so please let us know how we can help you. The day-to-day operations of the International Fraternity are undertaken by the Fraternity’s professional team whose primary function is to serve the membership one of the largest men’s general fraternities. The professional team is charged with the responsibility of implementing policy and assisting in the development of programs and workshops.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
11711 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 250
Carmel, Indiana 46032-6959
Phone: (317) 872-8000
Fax: (317) 805-6728
Email: headquarters@lambdachi.org

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Troy Medley
Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for managing the overall operations and resources and reports to the Board of Directors
Justin Fisher
Chief Operating Officer
Responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of the fraternity.
Dan Hartmann
President & CEO, Educational Foundation
Responsible for leading the direction of the Educational Foundation in support of the Fraternity.
Tony Robinson
Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for the accounting, financial reporting, and administrative functions of the Fraternity and Educational Foundation.
Michael Covert
Director of Information Technology
Responsible for information technology systems and database administration.

Alyssa Gilles
Director of Learning Outcomes
Responsible for the implementation and design of member education programs.
Tad Lichtenauer
Director of Partnerships
Responsible for managing the Fraternity’s strategic partnerships.
Brett Baker
Director of Expansion
Responsible for the overall strategic planning and execution of chapter expansions.
Teresa Carlson
Executive Administrator
Responsible for Educational Foundation scholarships and restricted funds, financial gift processing, and general office management.
Jonathan Gottwald
Associate Director of Education & Harm Reduction
Responsible for the member education programs and administration of chapter conduct.
Lindsey Hrinowich
Content Coordinator
Responsible for all written pieces included in the quarterly digital publication and C&C blogsite.
Tim Jones
Accounts Receivable & Billing Specialist
Responsible for processing all cash receipts and collections for the Fraternity and Educational Foundation.
Ryan McIlrath
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
Responsible for the administration of alumni volunteers.

Chris Pockette
Stewardship Officer
Creates and sustains positive and mutually-rewarding relations between the Foundation, the Fraternity, its donors, and key stakeholders.
Justin Reed
Stewardship Officer
Creates and sustains positive and mutually-rewarding relations between the Foundation, the Fraternity, its donors, and key stakeholders.
Sunny Reed
Responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting for the organization.
Nathan Schultz
Associate Director of Chapter Services
Responsible for supervising the educational leadership consultants and managing the chapter visitation program.
Ann Sobierajski
Development Coordinator
Responsible for gift entry, acknowledgement, Foundation Board and Committee management, and general administrative duties.
Tony Viviano
Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship
Responsible for overseeing annual giving initiatives and donor relations.

Jaren Wilt
Associate Director of Communications
Responsible for overseeing content generation on all digital platforms and serves as the editor of the C&C and quarterly digital publication.
Gary Woodrum
Staff Accountant
Responsible for reconciling accounts, preparing financial reports, and support for the Business Affairs team.
Daniel Armenta 
Educational Leadership Consultant

Avery Baker
Educational Leadership Consultant

Jacob Baumgartner 
Educational Leadership Consultant

Tyler Drisko
Educational Leadership Consultant

Trevor Holland
Educational Leadership Consultant

Corey Miracle
Educational Leadership Consultant

Trevor Nicholas
Educational Leadership Consultant

Walker Rose
Educational Leadership Consultant

Cody Sallee
Educational Leadership Consultant

Joseph Suzanne 
Educational Leadership Consultant