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Standing Out as an ELC Applicant: Advice From Associate Director of Chapter Services, Josh Womack [VIDEO]

Standing Out as an ELC Applicant: Advice From Associate Director of Chapter Services, Josh Womack [VIDEO]

Travel.  Brotherhood.  Working for your Fraternity.  You’ve decided that the position of Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) is for you, so how do you get the job?  How do you crush the competition and truly impress the Lambda Chi Alpha staff?

Knowing the application process is the first step.  The “LCA is Hiring!” page is where to get started.  Along with the job description, the application for ELC walks you through the necessary information.  In addition to the questions on the application, you can upload the following items:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
  2. Resume
  3. Professional Headshot
  4. Copy of Transcript
  5. Reference Letters (up to 3)

The application allows you to “Save and Continue Later,” which allows you to revisit your application for up to 30 days for editing.  Applications are due by December 31, 2017, for the 2018-2019 academic year.

After becoming familiar with what you must submit, consider the following ways to impress the interview team:

  • Is your resume written for the job of ELC? Or is it written for just any job?
  • Is your LinkedIn the strongest it can be? Do you have any great LCA connections in your network?
  • What experiences do you have that make you stand out?
  • How have you shown grit or stick-to-it-ness in your life?
  • What references will truly set you apart?
  • Am I getting these items ready in advance, or am I procrastinating for a poor application?
  • Would the headshot you uploaded be good enough to put up on a company’s website?

For more advice from me (overseeing the hiring process),  check out my three qualities of an ELC and four pieces of advice to stand out as a candidate by checking out the video above.

For more information about the hiring process, click here, or contact me at jwomack@lambdachi.org.

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