Stead Leadership Seminar 2019: Recap

Over the past week, the IHQ staff split and traveled to the University of Denver and Washington University for the Stead Leadership Seminar. All members of the fraternity are welcomed to the event and encouraged to bring the lessons learned back with them to share with their home chapter. Both conferences began with registration on Thursday morning and time to allow the guests to settle in.

At Washington University, Jay Goff began the conference by using activities to break the ice and prepare the attendees for the weekend ahead. The Grand High Alpha, Jeff Stuerman, and the newly appointed CEO, Troy Medley, began their tour at the University of Denver by welcoming guests before Orlando Rummans used the same method as Goff.

Each location broke out into Small Group Sessions after the Large Group Sessions and continued that pattern for the remainder of the conference. The Small Group Sessions allowed members of different chapters to meet one another and exchange ideas to improve their individual operations.

Several Large Group Sessions were dedicated toward exploring the intricacy of the ritual and explaining what brotherhood means by using examples from initiation. Individuals who are Associate Members were invited to a roundtable to discuss their ceremony and talk more in depth about the impact Lambda Chi can have on their life.

The Purple, Green & Gold Banquet closed the conference with a plated dinner and announcement of the award recipients. They were acknowledged at Washington University with a plaque and excerpt about the positive strides each specific chapter has accomplished. Jeff Stuerman and Troy Medley closed the evening by giving an address similar to the one at the University of Denver.

We would like to extend our gratitude toward our guest speakers: Troy Medley, Jeff Stuerman, Orlando Rummans, Jay Goff, Rodney Roosevelt, Mike Saunders, David Huffine, Tim Mousseau, Cindy Pierce, Steve Swafford, Wally Jenkins, JB Glass, Johnnie Combs, Peter Yobo, Dave Leathers, and Mark Bauer. Additionally, a huge ‘thank you’ goes out to our facilitators, donors and undergraduates for making this conference a success.

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