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2019 Summer Interns: The IHQ Experience from the Undergraduate Perspective

In June, we announced the William T. Farkas Fellowship that honors our newly retired CEO through funding our internship and co-op program. The students selected to work in this highly competitive opportunity are members who have exemplified what it means to be a member of Lambda Chi. Our interns have the opportunity to grow, serve and lead the organization by learning more about their desired career field.

In May, four interns moved from places like Denver, Colorado to Carmel, IND to begin their staff experience at IHQ. They were provided courtesy housing, a stipend and included as staff for the Stead conference. Each individual has a different area of study ranging from Athletic Training to Accounting, though they are here to advance their knowledge in the focal point of their undergraduate career.

Chapter Services

Logan Reneau spent his time creating a recruitment application in order to move the process forward. It focuses on finding men who are going to contribute to Lambda Chi beyond their undergraduate career. Additionally, he worked on the CORE report by grading, documenting and facilitating various aspects that are included.

“Chapter Services deals with chapters the most and has the more influence on them as a whole. I like the sense of helping the organization become better with our undergraduate members and trying to make it the best it can be” says Reneau.


Harm Reduction

This summer, Wil Overholt worked directly with some of the most sensitive content that comes into IHQ. He reviewed trends from 2015 until early 2019 about our incident reviews and how they change based on a private or public university. Overholt analyzed the High Alpha Summit and Officer Academy from the previous year.

“It [the internship] has made me have a pretty great appreciation for what is done on this side of the table. It makes me feel that a lot of work is being put in to helping the undergraduates for the future” says Overholt.


Business Affairs/Alumni Engagement/Educational Foundation

Braden Sim was given a list of projects to complete by the end of the summer and used his time sparingly between each of his departments. In Business Affairs, he compared tax forms to other fraternities and continued royalty maintenance. For the Alumni Engagement staff, he was Sim completed a volunteer survey and ensured that chapter houses were under the housing corporation. Finally, he worked on project relating to the Mason Circle and donor maintenance.

“Everything I’ve done this summer is something that I’ve had no prior knowledge of. It was all brand new, but my boss, Tony Robinson, was able to help out and walk me through the process. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy working with a nonprofit. It is now something on my mind for the future” explains Sim.



Similar to Sim, Thomas McGrath worked on a number of small-scale projects throughout the summer. He was tasked with archiving film reels, badges & pins and letters dating back to 1912. Additionally, McGrath cohosted and edited our podcast, The Choptalk Podcast. He assisted with social media by creating the majority of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts. Lastly, he built on his current skillsets by designing and editing various tribute videos and photoshop templates.

“I have always been super passionate about all of Lambda Chi’s style guide, branding and how to make that a priority in our chapter. This the epitome of that, following through to, literally, the source of that” says McGrath.

On behalf of the staff of IHQ, we wish each of our 2019 summer interns luck as they begin another year of school and pursue their chosen career path.

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