Tales From Abroad: Evan Thomas, Ball State


Tales From Abroad: Evan Thomas, Ball State 

Summer is the time for adventure and new experiences, and this is certainly not lost on our brothers.

Throughout the summer break, we will feature brothers and their tales from around the world, in their own words. Our first feature comes to us from Brother Evan Thomas of Ball State University.

Thomas is currently in Italy, where he has an internship with the American Forces Network (AFN).

Thomas writes:


Thomas at his place of employment for the summer, the AFN.

This summer, I have ventured overseas to Vicenza, Italy for an internship with the American Forces Network (AFN). They provide radio and television for people in the military, so it is a great way for me to get experience for my telecommunications degree. My focus is sales and promotions, with a marketing minor. My goal is to gain valuable experience and build my resume, while touring Italy and drinking wine spritzers!

 I first heard about AFN because my brother-in-law got stationed in Italy last year. Once I heard of the AFN, I sent an email to introduce myself and inquire about the possibility of an internship. My brother-in-law spoke to the AFN staff on my behalf, to assure them about my goals and to verify that I would be living with them. This amazing opportunity allows me to visit and travel with my sister and him for the summer.

The lease for my apartment at Ball State is up before I return from Italy, so my parents had the honor of helping me move all of my stuff out the weekend classes ended. Then, on Mother’s Day weekend, I hopped on my 12-hour flight to Venice, Italy.

One of the cathedrals Thomas has seen in his journeys.

I flew out of Indianapolis, Indiana to Toronto, Canada, and then on to Venice, Italy. To my surprise, the flight was not too bad, especially since this was my first experience flying alone. I seemed to transition easily to the seven-hour time difference upon arrival. My sister greeted me at the airport with her two dogs, a Boxer and a Chihuahua. Italy is very dog friendly, and they are allowed in many public places. They got a lot of attention from bystanders; but especially from me, because I was so excited to see them! I had a couple days to hang out and catch up, before I started at AFN. Since the start of my internship, I have been assisting the station with social media, developing a marketing plan to get organizations on base to use the station more, and any other duties that may need attention.

In my free time, I have been exploring other parts of Italy with my sister. She has taken me to a castle, cathedrals, markets, and even my first rugby match. Each weekend is a new opportunity to see a new part of Italy! In the next few weeks, they have even planned some trips to other countries, which I am extremely excited about. Europe has open borders, so you only need to show your passport as you enter the border of a surrounding country. Also, my parents and grandmother are coming next week. It is actually part of a trip that we had planned before I got the internship, so we will be having a fun family vacation for the next two weeks.

I have a little bit of wanderlust, so I will try to see as much as I can and make the most out of this adventure, until I have to return home to Indiana at the end of July. I’ll make sure to eat pasta and drink wine for all the brothers while I’m here!


Evan Thomas

IA 1862

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