Choptalk 033 Recap – Troy Medley, CEO

This week on the Choptalk podcast, we are discussing service and stewardship with our newly appointed CEO, Troy Medley. His vision for the organization is rooted in the fact that service & stewardship are a vital part to the development of the young men who walk through the Lambda Chi Alpha doors.

Medley attended Missouri State University and served as High Tau and High Beta during his time as an undergraduate member. He quickly found a home in the healthcare industry, eventually becoming the CEO of Velocity Sports Performance, PersonalCare and Hoag Executive Health. It was around that time he began to do some self-discovery after a neighbor’s tragedy hit close to home. The position for the CEO of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity opened up at the perfect time and he was not going to let it pass him by.

Servanthood and his current position work hand in hand for the personal mission of his life. If Medley can get 200,000 initiated members to work toward the cause of bettering today’s Fraternity men, he can create a lifelong impact. The impact doesn’t just come from the way these men treat one another at their chapter house but what they do in the community to put action to their words.

Being a good steward of what they have doesn’t mean that a chapter house should sign some money onto a check and call it a day. It means that the real work comes with volunteering and going out of their way to support their philanthropy of choice. Feeding America and the JED Foundation are places to start, but chapters with a passion for cancer excel in raising money to find a cure. Whatever the mission and whoever the cause is with, Medley wants each individual to find their passion in the philanthropy space. Listen to the conversation:

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