Millsaps undergrad releases novel, ‘Mistaken For Rain’

Millsaps undergrad releases novel, ‘Mistaken For Rain’


Published by Xlibris, “Mistaken for Rain” is Robison’s debut novel.

Zaden Robison makes his debut on the literary scene with his first fiction novel featuring the conflict of a boy victimized between good and evil in “Mistaken for Rain” (published by Xlibris).

Leo is a young boy growing up in a small and rural Virginia town. He is an only child who is physically and emotionally abused by both of his parents. His family is poor, and Leo has a hopeless future. He takes solace and comfort in a cat named Stripes and develops an unlikely friendship with a stranger along the way. Both friends lean on each other for a trivial bit of happiness in their dejected worlds. Just when things start to look better for Leo, tragedy strikes, and he becomes consumed with heartbreak and anger. He confides in his new friend and fights to fend off the horrors of the world.

Zaden Robison

Robison remarks the journey of writing his novel as a lengthy one. “I began writing ‘Mistaken For Rain’ when I was 16 years old. I wrote off and on in between my obligations to school,” he said.

“Writers block had me all but nearly stop writing the book entirely after a few months. My mother saw the potential in my work and encouraged me to keep writing. I eventually finished my novel after about a year and a half.”

“The process of publishing was long but worth it in the end,” Robison said.

Brother Robison attends the Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss. He lives in the chapter house and prides himself on being a hardworking member of the fraternity, where he serves as his chapter’s High Phi.

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