Wisconsin-Whitewater chapter member uses Lambda Chi core values to teach high school athletes

Similar to the way it feels to walk into a childhood home, Zach Hoffland knew University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (UWW) was the right place for him from the moment he stepped on campus. The connection to the school was immediate after hearing tales from his parent’s experience. Hoffland was able to create his own sense of security by finding solace in an unexpected route, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Hoffland never had an interest in Greek life and didn’t know anything about it. Once he began to explore avenues to get involved on campus, his chapter, Lambda-Iota Zeta, welcomed him in as if he were already a part of the brotherhood.

Hoffland explains, “It was immediate. How inviting and how much they made me feel like a person rather than a number was my biggest reason for joining.”

Although he didn’t want to feel like a number, Hoffland chose to declare a major that required him to work with them almost exclusively. He chose to pursue his gift of servanthood by devoting his life to helping others succeed financially. As High Tau, Hoffland uses his excellence in the classroom to do the same for Lambda-Iota Zeta.

“Ever since I came to college, I wanted to be a financial planner. I’ve seen how not being prepared can really put someone behind. Being able to give people that peace of mind and help develop a life they [clients] want had been a dream since I picked up a finance major.”

Hoffland’s passion for helping others translates to his longtime love, lacrosse. Beginning his freshman year of high school until his senior year of college, he found every opportunity to play the game. Former coach at UWW Lacrosse Club, Alex Kramer, called him to ask that Hoffland assist him with coaching at the high school level.

“I don’t think I could’ve said yes any quicker. When it came to giving back to the sport that I absolutely fell in love with, there was no easier choice than going into coaching” Hoffland says.

He is currently the Head Coach for Junior Varsity Men’s Lacrosse and Defensive Coach for Varsity Men’s Lacrosse at Mukwanago High School. Alongside Kramer, Hoffland uses his role as a coach to teach his athletes about the Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values of Loyalty and Respect.

“We are not just coaching these kids to play the sport; we are coaching them in life.”

Hoffland emphasizes that his role in the athlete’s lives requires a sense of responsibility to encourage them to be better men. Through his experience with Lambda Chi Alpha, he has learned what it takes to hold his brothers to a high standard. He explains, “In Lambda Chi, you are a man growing among other men.” As a coach, Hoffland is focused on being a positive example for his athletes in a way they may have never experienced.

As for the future, Hoffland plans to graduate in December 2019 with a Finance major and Corporate Communications minor. He plans to become a financial planner to be a major character in, “developing a life that you [clients] want for your [individuals] loved ones.” As for his coaching career, the dream continues.

“Coaching is something that I love doing. Being able to give back and give my time to the sport I fell in love growing up with has always been a dream of mine.”

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