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2016 Impact Report: Leadership

2016 Impact Report: Leadership 

Lambda Chi Alpha provides learning opportunities for members to gain real world experience through the leadership positions they hold during their undergraduate years. Jorge Reyes Salinas (California State–Northridge) is just one example of thousands of brothers benefitting from serving in leadership positions.

“I was born in Peru. My family moved to LA when I was 10. I would’ve joined Lambda Chi Alpha as a freshman, but it took until my sophomore year to convince my parents that it would be a valuable experience.”

“I ran for High Theta right after initiation, and I lost. That was my first real losing experience and it made me think: what made me put myself out there for people to criticize or to vote for me? I started gaining more confidence, started getting more comfortable with what I had to offer.”

“I ended up serving as High Tau for two years. I had to tell my friends to pay their dues. That position definitely taught me how to stay calm, and be assertive. I was able to develop my leadership skills, and I decided to take a bigger step—that was student government. I went from being an event planner to chief of staff, senator, and eventually, president. I hope to go into public service, and maybe run for office one day.”

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