2016 Impact Report: Scholarships


2016 Impact Report: Scholarships  



The Educational Foundation grants scholarships for financial need, academic merit and leadership. One example is the A. Barry Cappello UCLA Chapter Fund. In 2016, the Cappello Fund awarded more than $5,000 to four deserving students, including Wesley Hartmann. He is a sophomore math major who maintains a 3.5 GPA and serves the chapter as High Epsilon. His family contribution towards tuition and other expenses is zero, so the Cappello scholarship made a big impact on Wesley. More than five decades earlier, Barry Cappello was in the same spot.

“We grew up poor, and I paid for my schooling. I had all sorts of jobs and had to get student loans. Paying LCA’s dues, plus room and board, was very tough. There were no need-based scholarships. Working as the chapter’s business manager for several years, I earned free room and board, and the fraternity was my refuge.”

“I’ve always believed in giving back. So when I served on the Educational Foundation board, pushing for undergraduate scholarships was one of the things most important to me.”

“And by setting up a scholarship fund for my UCLA chapter, I hoped they could use it as a rush tool, as well as to benefit prospective brothers who needed it the most. I think it turned out, because they have a great chapter there.”

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