Order of Achievement

Order of Achievement Recipients

The Order of Achievement is an award presented to honor those brothers who have distinguished themselves by outstanding success in the field of business, industry, the arts, science, or other professions. Their accomplishments bring honor to Lambda Chi Alpha and serve as an inspiration to their brothers. These role models are an example of the Fraternity’s ethics and ideals for alumni and undergraduates who are preparing to step out into the world. The gold medallion of the Order of Achievement bears appropriately at its focal point in Greek the open motto, “Naught Without Labor.”


Dr. LeLand J. Haworth (Indiana) — Former member of the Atomic Energy Commission, director of the National Science Foundation

Dr. Murray D. Lincoln ( Massachusetts) — Founder and president of Nationwide Insurance; founder and chairman of the board of CARE


Ernest R. Breech (Drury) — Chairman of the board, Trans World Airlines; former chairman of the board, Ford Motor Co.

Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle (California-Berkeley) — World War II flying hero; head of the Space Technology Laboratories

Dr. John O. Gross (Simpson) — Head of the Division of Higher Education of the Board of Education of the Methodist Church

Louis R. Menagh (Rutgers) — President, Prudential Insurance Co.

Jerome A. Straka (Wisconsin) — Chesebrough-Pond’s Inc.; chairman of the board, Prince Matchabelli, Inc.; executive vice president, Yardley of London, Inc.

Basil L. Walters (Indiana) — Editor, the Chicago Daily News

William W. Warne (California-Berkeley) — Director, Water Resources for California


Alan H. Bible (Nevada-Reno) — U.S. Senator from Nevada

Dr. Thomas H. Carroll (California-Berkeley) — President, George Washington University

Maj. Gen. Luther D. Miller (Thiel) — Chief of Chaplains, U.S. Army; Canon, Washington Cathedral of the Episcopal Church

Alfred P. Murrah (Oklahoma) — Chief Justice, U.S. Court of Appeals

Dr. Clifford F. Rassweiler (Denver) — Vice president, Johns Manville Corp.


Gardnar P. Mulloy (Miami-FL) — Captain, U.S. Davis Cup tennis team and No. 1 tennis player in America

Gerald P. Peters (Denver) — CEO, Francis I. DuPont & Co.

Dr. Willis M. Tate (Southern Methodist) — President, Southern Methodist University


Dr. Elmer Belt (California-Berkeley) — Surgeon

Fred J. Borch (Case Western Reserve) — President, General Electric

Lester E. Cox (Drury) — Leadership in industry, transportation and communication

Curtiss E. Frank (Colgate) — President, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

William S. Stuckey (Georgia) — President, Stuckey’s Division and vice president, Pet Milk Co.

Harry S Truman (Missouri) — 33rd President of the United States

Henry T. Vance (Pennsylvania) — Chairman of the board, Vance, Sanders & Co., Inc., investment banker


James T. Chirurg (MIT) — Chairman of the board, Chirurg & Cairns, Inc., advertising

Adm. Joseph F. Jelley Jr. (Cornell) — U.S. Navy, retired

J. Howard Pyle (Arizona State) — President, the National Safety Council; Governor of Arizona

Dr. Oscar Wagner (Eureka) — Musician and educator

Robert A. Young Jr. (Arkansas) — President, Best Corp.


Dr. Cecil Morgan (Louisiana State) — Dean Emeritus, Tulane University School of Law

Aubrey J. Wagner (Wisconsin) — Chairman of the board, Tennessee Valley Authority


William T. Seawell (Arkansas) — President and chairman of the board, Pan American Airways


Dr. C. Glen King (Washington State) — Global leadership in human nutrition

Lt. Gen. William S. Lawton ( Worcester) — U.S. Army, retired

Dr. C. Chester Stock (Rose-Hulman) — Vice president and director, Walker Laboratory, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research


Gen. Bruce C. Clarke (Tennessee-Knoxville) — U.S. Army, retired

Wendell Ford (Kentucky) — Governor of Kentucky, U.S. Senator from Kentucky

Chester Gould (Oklahoma State) — Creator of Dick Tracy

I. Dean Jagger (Wabash) — Academy Award-winning actor

Dr. W. Kenneth Pope (Southern Methodist) — Bishop of the Methodist Church


Harry A. Blackmun (Harvard) — Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Edward R. Book (Penn State) — President and chairman, Hershey Corp.

Will A. Geer (Chicago) — Emmy Award-winning actor

Henry P. Iba (Westminster) — Hall of fame basketball coach

Milton I. Wick (Nebraska-Lincoln) — President, Wick Newspapers


J. Maxwell Cleland (Stetson) — U.S. Senator from Georgia; Secretary, American Battle Monuments Commission

Gen. Russell E. Dougherty (Louisville) — U.S. Air Force, Retired; Former Commander in Chief, the Strategic Air Command


Howell T. Heflin (Birmingham Southern) — U.S. Senator from Alabama

Earl W. Kintner (DePauw) — Washington anti-trust lawyer, former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission


Bennett Archambault (MIT) — President, Stewart Warner Corp

Dr. Norman P. Auburn (Cincinnati) — President, University of Akron

F. Ray Marshall (Millsaps) — 16th U.S. Secretary of Labor


Creed C. Black (Northwestern) — Chairman and publisher, Lexington (Ky.) Herald-leader; President, American Society of Newspaper Editors


Dr. William C. Friday (North Carolina State) — President, University of North Carolina. Chairman, Knight Commission


Dr. James L. Bugg Jr. (Hampden-Sydney) — President, Old Dominion University


Claude Akins (Northwestern) — Actor of television, movies and stage

Dr. R. Richard Rubottom Jr. (Southern Methodist) — Undersecretary of State, U.S. Ambassador to Argentina; vice president, Southern Methodist University


Glenn A. Cox Jr. (Southern Methodist) — President/COO, Phillips Petroleum Co.

B.F. Skinner (Hamilton) — Psychologist, author, and inventor

George W. Spasyk (Michigan) — Executive vice president, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Robert M. Urich (Florida State) — TV actor


Capt. Richard N. Richards (Missouri) — Astronaut, commander of NASA’s space shuttle


John P. Frazee (Randolph-Macon) — President /COO, Sprint Corp.

William Manchester (Massachusetts) — Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian


Lt. Gen. John B. Conaway (Evansville) — U.S. Air Force officer

Gerald A. Johnston (California-Los Angeles) — President/COO, McDonnell Douglas Corp.


John B. Breaux (Louisiana-Lafayette)— U.S. Senator from Louisiana

Dr. Malcom R. Currie (California-Berkeley) — CEO/president/chairman, Regal One Corp.

James R. Jones (Oklahoma) — U.S. Congressman, U.S. Ambassador


Karl J. Krapek (Kettering) — President/COO, United Technologies Corp.

David A. Neuman (California-Los Angeles) — President, Disney Television

Jerre L. Stead (Iowa) — CEO/chairman, IHS Inc.


Lawrence E. Gloyd (Hanover) — Chairman/CEO, CLARCOR Inc.

Michael Kanne (Indiana) — U.S. District Judge

Dr. Vincent F. Orza (Oklahoma City) — Entrepreneur, dean of the Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University

Dr. John E. Shay Jr. (Florida) — President, Marygrove College


F. Duane Ackerman (Rollins) — Chairman/CEO, BellSouth

Dr. Robert E. Alexander (Duke) — Chancellor, University of South Carolina-Aiken

Dr. John C. Cooksey (Louisiana State) — U.S. Congressman from Louisiana; ophthalmologist

Edward T. Foote II (Miami-FL) — President, University of Miami

James S. Gulmi (Baldwin-Wallace) — Senior vice president of finance/CFO, Genesco Inc.

Joe Frank Harris (Georgia) — Governor of Georgia

Don Marsh (Ball State) — Chairman/CEO, Marsh Supermarkets Inc.

Dr. Abe Mickal (Louisiana State) — College/pro football player, doctor, college professor

Bill Rasmussen (DePauw) — Founder, ESPN

Dr. Donald W. Zacharias (Georgetown) — President, Mississippi State University


Keith E. Bailey (Missouri S&T) — President, Williams Pipe Line Co.

Kevin P. Brady (South Dakota) — U.S. Congressman from Texas

Lloyd A. Doggett II (Texas) — U.S. Congressman from Texas

Virgil H. Goode Jr. (Richmond) — U.S. Congressman from Virginia

Jack Kingston (Georgia) — U.S. Congressman from Georgia

Herman Meinders (Oklahoma City) — Founder, American Floral Services Inc.

Ron Paul (Gettysburg) — U.S. Congressman from Texas; Republican presidential candidate

Curt Weldon (West Chester) — U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania

Michael G. Westmore (California-Santa Barbara) — Emmy-winning make-up artist (Star Trek)


Jack O. Bovender (Duke) — CEO, HCA Inc.

Mark B. Templeton (North Carolina State) — CEO, Citrix Systems Inc.


Joseph T. Charles (Culver-Stockton) — President/CEO, Charles Industries Ltd.


James W Abbott (South Dakota) — President, University of South Dakota

Woodrow Paige (Tennessee-Knoxville) — Sports columnist, ESPN commentator


Dale Carlsen (Cal State – Sacramento) — Founder, Sleep Train Mattress Center


C. Robert Kidder (Michigan) — Former CEO of Duracell and Borden

Vice Admiral Murrey Royar (California-Berkeley) — Head of the U.S. Navy Supply Corp. (posthumously)

Dr. Timothy L. Tucker (Union-TN) — Former president of the American Pharmacists Association


Powers Boothe (Texas State-San Marcos) — Emmy Award-winning actor

William F. Hayes III (DePauw) — Actor, performer, singer

Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger (Evansville) — Adjutant General of Indiana, Indiana Army and Air National Guard

Mark Schultz (Kansas State) — Singer-songwriter

Oliver R. Smoot (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) — Chairman, American National Standards Institute; President of the International Organization for Standardization.


Allen I. Olson (North Dakota) — Governor of North Dakota

John Quinones (St. Mary’s) — Anchor/Correspondent, ABC News


Kevin W. Yoder (Kansas) —  U.S. Congressman from Kansas


Bishop Larry Goodpaster (Millsaps) —  Bishop of the United Methodist Church

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman (North Carolina State) —  University President

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