Working and Learning From Home – Tips & Tricks

As many colleges and universities have shifted to a virtual education model, it can be hard to get in the educational mindset when only working from your living space. We’ve already written some ideas to help you stay connected to your chapter. In this piece, how to maximize your personal efficiency with school, list available resources to maximize your efficiency and some best practices for online learning.  Three […]

A Virtual Lambda Chi Alpha Experience

As the Office of Administration (OOA) at Lambda Chi Alpha continues to monitor the developments of the COVID-19, we wanted to elaborate and share some tips on how you can stay connected with your brothers. As our CEO Troy Medley reminded us, “Our nation, your school and Lambda Chi Alpha has been through world wars, pandemics, and disasters […]

Health and Wellness Advisory – Coronavirus

Lambda Chi Alpha has been closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) in an effort to identify ways in which it may affect our members. Infections with coronavirus COVID-19 are being reported in a growing number of countries internationally, including the United States. We want to remind our members of ways they can […]

Brother becomes a pilot through Lambda Chi Alpha connections

It’s rare that passengers think about their pilot while boarding a flight. Most individuals are only thinking about how quickly they can make it home to their warm bed. For those that have wondered who their pilot might be, Arthur Roberts (Sigma-Phi, ‘17) could be that one.  Roberts grew up in Beijing, China but lived in an Americanized bubble for most of […]

Brothers create hygiene products for their local food pantry

Hygiene in the house is of the upmost importance for Brothers of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater chapter. It quickly turned into creating the quality products themselves as a philanthropy effort for the chapter Brothers. The Brother are creating that access by making the hygiene products themselves. By creating custom bars of soap inside the garage of their chapter house, individuals […]

Brothers raise $130,000 for member with severe brain trauma

Just before Thanksgiving Day 2019, our members were driving across the country to return home to their families. The first night home was spent telling their loved ones about the new men they’d initiated just weeks before. Night faded into day as they reconnect with friends who chose different paths after high school. Kyle Osborne (Tau, ‘19), like so many, followed the same routine. The only […]

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to enter partnership with The One Love Foundation 

Carmel, IN – February 6, 2020 – The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Board of Directors is excited to announce a new partnership with The One Love Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships, empower them to identify and avoid abuse, and build healthier relationships.  Lambda Chi […]

Fall 2019 Expansion Updates

Lambda Chi Alpha grew by four this semester by adding East Carolina University, Purdue University, Butler University and Marietta College to our Brotherhood. Our Educational Leadership Consultants (ELC) are tasked with coordinating an extended visit to the campuses in order to get the colony running efficiently. ELC’s spend the duration of the expansion working on […]

Entire chapter joins the Mason Circle through Day of Giving

Florida Southern College LCA has seen hard times. They’ve looked financial distress in the eyes and contemplated the cost of calling it quits. Less than a year ago, members questioned why the high of becoming a member was met with the low of discovering their increasing debt. It was those hardships that defined what the […]

Former WWE Wrestler Volunteers as his Christmas Tradition

As many fathers proclaim, family is their life’s passion. It’s not a role for the faint-hearted, it’s committing to a life of sacrifice for the ones they love. It takes a strong man to answer that call, and it takes an even stronger man to do that for a stranger. Daniel Rodimer (Lambda-Mu, ‘99) set […]