In the Director’s Chair with Gary Crask


Author, actor and filmmaker Gary Crask’s (Ball State, ’67) most recently published book opens with this poem: “An Ode to a Life Well Lived” To this life we live part by poetry part by prose and at different times in varied combinations of those The poetry is the passion the hopes and the dreams The […]

Recruitment Spotlight: University of Miami

University of Miami Chapter

Recruitment is, arguably, the most important factor of any chapter or colony’s success. Without a strong plan, Lambda Chi Alpha is in danger as an organization to not have the reach it could to positively impact new members. The past year certainly put the men of Lambda Chi to the test. They had to find […]

On the Menu: Brotherly Connection

Dogwood Greek Life Partnership

University of North Dakota members revive family-style meals through new partnership COVID-19 has uprooted the very core of how we live our everyday lives, including the simple act of sharing a meal together. For the men of the Epsilon-Zeta chapter at the University of North Dakota, mealtime has become a crucial way to connect. Thanks […]

A Song for a Generation

Tom Paden

“Has this world forgotten how to love?” Tom Paden (Richmond University, ‘79) begins his newest song, “Window in the Wall”, with this simple, yet timely question for a world in need. But what Paden is most thankful for with his new smash hit is the journey he took to reach the point of writing a […]

Lambda Chi Kicks Off Spring Initiation Incentive Program

Members Virtually Recruiting

Chapters and colonies face an unprecedented number of challenges due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. This spring, we intend to help by providing up to $800,000 in financial aid to chapters. Support includes: ChapterBuilder 2.0 license Recruitment System ($500 per chapter) Professional Zoom subscriptions ($300 per chapter) OmegaFi subsidies (the difference between OmegaFi […]

Founding Father learns his great grandfather shares Lambda Chi Alpha experience

The first-year freshmen experience, for many students, relies on their involvement in on-campus activities. These activities develop friendships through common interests and creates a routine for those experiencing life on their own for the first time. Noah Ditzler (Butler University AA, ‘2020) had his eyes fixed on one specific activity: joining a Fraternity.   Although he longed to be a part of these coveted […]

Alumni Brothers rally to raise $36,000 for University statue

During most college tours, a guide will often point out a bell tower, fountain or statue that acts as a symbol for the campus at large. That is surely the case for West Texas A&M, which boasts the construction of a massive, 1,700 pound buffalo statue. For Lambda Chi Alpha members, this statue has extra significance as our men were the ones who helped […]

Omega: Chris O’Toole

Chris “Sneakers” O’Toole (Drexel University ΕK, ‘12) was the kind of Brother who could connect with anyone. His interests ranged from reading enormous books, playing fantasy football and enjoying a wide range of movie genres. He was the guy we would meet at a recruitment event and think, “I want to get to know him.”  O’Toole’s love of science-fiction films, anime and video games seemed to have a […]

Brother prepares to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2021

The Department of Defense estimates that veterans accounted for 13.5% of all deaths by suicide in 2017. Bill Cimino (Beta-Delta, ‘83), retired Army veteran, nearly collapsed as he thought about his fellow veteran brothers and sisters suffering in such a grim way. The calls to protect veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicidal thoughts began to roll around in his head like a pinball machine. Cimino’s dedication […]

Lambda Chi Alpha creates one-of-a-kind partnership with The JED Foundation (JED)

Carmel, IN – April 2, 2020 – The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Board of Directors is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with The Jed Foundation (JED), a national nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. The enhanced partnership will develop a comprehensive set of recommendations, or […]