LCA 101: Understanding the High Rho and High Epsilon Positions

High Epsilon and High Rho


In this second-to-last installment of our LCA 101 series, we are focusing on the offices of High Rho and High Epsilon. The High Rho is each chapter’s link to Lambda Chi alumni, while the High Epsilon plays an important role in the social development and participation of the members. But how does each office complete these important tasks, especially when it comes to planning events? Take a look at what was discussed in the High Rho/High Epsilon officer webinar.

  • Events
    • The past three semesters, our chapters have experienced mostly, if not all, virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the webinar, participants had the opportunity to talk about potential events in order to give other attendees some ideas in case they have never planned an in-person or hybrid event before.
    • What makes an event compliant or non-compliant with the Lambda Chi Alpha policy? We noted that chapters should pay attention to federal, state, and local policies regarding COVID but most importantly to follow campus policy since it may be different. We then went over Lambda Chi Alpha alcohol policy and guidelines with the participants because there was a good chance that the attendees have never attended an event involving alcohol during the pandemic.
    • Lastly, we went over how to construct both an alumni list for the High Rho and how to build an event guest list for the High Epsilon. We also showed the attendees what a proper alumni and guest list should look like and pointed the attendees to the right people if they need help with constructing those lists!